Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oy Vey - I Messed Up Lent & a QUESTION

Astute Lent observers already know what I discovered tonight.


I guess THIS is the first Sunday of Lent and we shouldn't have lit a candle last week. But I did...and the kids KNEW that we light the next candle on Sunday (ala Advent) and so we lit TWO candles tonight. I wonder if I should have waited for Mike - he's the one with the Liturgical background. ::snort:: Oh well, our focus is precious. I loved our discussion and it was an extra treat to have Josiah (20 yo son) with us tonight.

Now a question: I told my children I'd ask on the blog because we have lots of Catholic friends and High Protestant friends who read....

In our reading tonight we were told that the 7 Sundays of Lent don't count towards the 40 days of Lent (which answered one question). Specifically we were told, "Lent is a time of thinking of Jesus' death. Every Sunday of the year is a celebration of His resurrection." Cool thought. So far so good. I have other thoughts but want to get to the question.....

One of my older sons asked, "If Sundays aren't a part of Lent does that mean you don't have to give up the thing you've given up on Sundays?" Hmmm....good question. So is there an answer in more "set Lent traditions"?

I learned today at chapel that there is a difference between days of abstinence and days of fasting. Interesting stuff. Ch. M also explained to the children what a King's Cake was and we had one for Fellowship Hour. Another new experience for me. Of course, now I need to find a recipe and figure out if there is a set day for King's Cake or if you can have it whenver you'd like.

These two don't care if I lit the wrong number of candles, more to blow out.


Choosing Joy!
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Michelle said...

De'Etta, King Cake is traditional for Epiphany and Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday.

Sundays during Lent are *feast* days so whatever one has abstained/fasted from during Lent can be enjoyed on Sundays. We are to remember each Sunday as a *little Easter.*

Hope that helps.

Renee said...

Looks like Michelle was reading before me.... King's Cakes are not usually eaten during Lent. I've heard there are folks that make them at any point between Epiphany and Mardi Gras.

Fasting is eating less while abstaining is not eating meat.

Anonymous said...

Sis: I too have learned something. Sunday one can eat anything. I like the thought of always making Sunday a "little Easter". Nice! thanks.

love/prayers Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Interesting that God has led me the past few years to have a day of "prayer and simple fair" which, after reading the Catholic bulletin yesterday sounds a lot like the days of abstinence that they have on Fridays during Lent - though I've been doing it year round.

King's Cake - something to look into - certainly would be a great kids tie in on Epiphany....not sure what the connection is on Madri Gra etc.....

So my son was on to something here....does this mean that when most give up something for Lent they count Sundays as a free day? Sorry for all the questions - those know me KNOW it's the way God wired me....My spiritual gift is teaching and that includes always having lots of questions....gotta know, gotta discover, gotta learn, gotta pass on what I learn! ::snort::

Jen said...

In some traditions, Eastern, their Lent is shorter and includeds Sundays. Western tradition makes Lent longer than 40 days and Sundays do not count. They are celebration days, feast days and do not count.

I always give my kids the choice of whether to take advantage of their feast days or not. They usually do. I vary. On some things I usually continue my fast, feeling the discipline for myself is good practice. But, on somethings/times I feast.

For example, I am allowing myself Sundays to catch up on blogs/blogging, but I am not doing the more frivolous computer things. I am allowing myself a glass of tea on Sundays (I only drink water during Lent), but am not allowing myself the sweets I gave up. This is partly because I use my commitment during Lent to "force" myself to eat healthier. Losing 20 lbs one Lent was a great side benefit to preparing my heart for Easter! :-)

But, the short answer is that on this calender, Sundays don't count. :-)