Thursday, March 05, 2009


Parish Advisory Counsel

House of Faith

Jared and Jamin went to Baker's Street with friends

Cy called and we ended up going to dinner...he, the four youngers and Mike and I

School - lots of school

I realized that my children enjoy lapbooks this year, a lot. I also realized that the "ocean box" we are supposed to be making in Apologia: Zoology 2 was simply not coming together.... I went searching for other projects to go along with our science. I settled on trying Live and Learn Press. They make some wonderful "Learn N Folders". Lap Book is actually a trade marked name from Tobin's Lab.....but Live and Learn Press' learn n folders are lapbooks. They have many free offers if you sign up with their yahoo group. I've never purchased from them, and they are more money than I'd usually spend....but this is a HUGE set...covers each lesson of our science book. This is a new concept for's a Learn N Folder other words you make the mini-books and then mount them on card stock. Punch the card stock and put them in the kids' science notebook. We pulled it out today and we're impressed. The directions are clear, the art is cute and colorful...and it was a GREAT way to review the lesson we had finished. I do think I'll try to do a booklet a day instead of waiting and doing all the booklets at the end of the lesson.

The older two learned to find the bold print and look for their answer from a text. They copied their own work.

Zander likes to cut and dictate his work to me. He did make an AWESOME photo of the Great Deluge. ::snort::

This girl did not like lapbooking at all last year...but she is enjoys school with us....and discovered she does like scrapbooking. LOL

They each made two pages today - front and back. Here are the front sides. You can see that Zander on the right went for straight ole mini-book on cardstock....The other two made free use of my scrapbooking supplies. I will NOT be transporting stickers and paper....I don't we'd best use them. LOL
I'm very happy with this set. I'll buy from them again for our science next year. It really seems to be the right mixture for us between review and crafty. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis & Kids:

We are very impressed. love/prayers your 2 G's T. & Dad/Mom

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Somehow using stickers in homeschooling let's me feel better about being behind in scrapbooking!

Their mini books look great!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Makes me feel better about going digital. LOL Come to think of it, moving to Japan makes me feel better about going digital. LOL