Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today is Tuesday - YESTERDAY was Monday....

::snort:: Did anyone catch that?

A quick list of what we accomplished today:

  • Independent school work
  • Called State Dept looking for Jared's missing Birth Certificate
  • 3 collages for Homeschool Drama Club
  • Cholesterol check up for De'Etta - Grrrrrr.....
  • "Discussion" with base immunization...more to follow. ::sigh::
  • Base library for an MP3 player loaded with "Japanese for Dummies"*
  • Home for lunch
  • Called State Dept again
  • Drama Club
  • Went to the park with Stacia and friends during drama instead of running errands LOL
  • County Vital Records for a LONG form of the birth certificate as the military insists they will not use the short form. You CAN get a tourist passport with the short form. I now have both forms.
  • Downtown library to return books (and picked up a few MORE)
  • Home again and on the phone with Krista about health issues
  • Called the State Dept again. When I was told again that he'd look for it...I politely said, "I'll stay on the phone while you look. We NEED this." Jared's tourist passport arrived but his birth certificate has been missing for weeks. Good thing we decided not to let him go to Mexico over spring break. LOL 30 - 40 minutes later the man was back. He had found it and said he was addressing it as we spoke. BTW ladies on the PWOC CR board were praying that the passport would be found and 30 minutes later - it WAS! Woot!
  • Loaded things for regional blog while on hold....sent emails...caught up on mail.
  • Dinner after our treasure hunt through the house to find something we can eat that didn't need a stove/oven....pancakes.
  • Baths
  • Lent Devotionals
  • Blogging
  • Mike is still at work.
    Choosing Joy!
    ©2009 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...

I caught it! but I wasn't going to say anything since I know you had a full day and figured maybe you were wishing it was Tuesday already! =)

Anonymous said...

And now I'm the one that's tired from reading about your day, whew!

Have found that in an extremely busy day (different from the regular busy day?!), that soothing music (more soothing than the norm) is necessary. I've rediscovered John Michael Talbot after liking his music for years. Check this out on iTunes -- from the Lord's Supper CD -- songs are "And We Shall Be Forgiven" and "Creed." Beautiful and humbling. Be at peace, and be refreshed.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Too funny....Heather!

Mel - thanks....breathing helps too...deep lamaze cleansing breaths...though I'm sure the poor girl at immunization wondered what I was up to. ::snort::

Kristine said...

Okay, so you ARE Superwoman!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Super SLUG....that's me. ::snort::

Margie said...

Where? What happened to your stove? Did I miss that??