Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally! A Party!

The only one who had a gift to give Jamin was Josiah. The rest of us are still waiting for the gifts we purchased to arrive.

To make things a bit "different" each child bowed to him and then told him what they'd got him.



Spurned by a 3 yo Diva....


Who knows?
"From one bachelor to another - a MICROWAVE!" I PROMISE I taught them to cook....but Josiah likes to tease me about his bachelor diet. This is a great gift. These young men bless my Mommy's heart quite often. I love young adults!


Mike made a famous ice cream cake.


Sunday was a great day. Jared got Jamin a boken, the other three all got Jamin History Channel DVD's.....and Mike and I combined the birthday budget with the Christmas budget for his paint gun at Christmas.

I've just been reminded we have no stove/oven. We're off on a treasure hunt through the pantry and freezers to find something we can microwave or grill - after my comment about bachelor's diets. LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


all in the family said...

BTW I got my countertop oven at Walmart. It was a superstore and it was an Oster brand. It was stainless and will fit 2 loaves of bread in there, lol. It was on sale for $69.92. It made me think of that when I saw this post.

Anonymous said...

Jamin: Looks like you had a fun birthday celebration. The microwave will come in handy no doubt. How nice of Josiah to get you that. Should be a lot of fun getting more gifts in a spread out fashion. This last week or so Uncle Will was working on roofs in the places you all will be working. Uncle Nathaniel has been having to lay off a fair number of people due to the financial world these days.... not so many people publishing and/or buring what is published.

We love you and are really looking forward to having you and your older sisters in Eugene/Springfield this next year.
Love/prayers G'Ma