Sunday, March 29, 2009

WooHOO!! Weekend Recap

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Another thing crossed off the check list. I made the girls' reservations to fly out for Jamin's graduation/Arielle's Birthday (same day). Bre will come out early and stay for a week.

Krista will fly in the day before the graduation. She plans to stay with us in San Angelo (jump out of a plane), and drive back west with us. One last PCS road trip.....

Cy made a 100% on a paper he turned in. He just got from a Chick Fil A manager team building weekend....where they had a auto accident, a boat motor quit, and had to push the boat back to shore. ::snort::

Jared and Mike fixed both our bath tubs and made great progress on the pond for the front yard.

I didn't get a LOT done yesterday...but Mike has been at chapel since 7:30 I got a lot done today! Tickets and Winter Gear.....

{Military Speak: PCS - Permanent Change of Station; MOVE}

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


WOW to all of you and all you got done.

Our hearts are so full with the things happening to your family just now that we wish we were there to enjoy the good times... but just know we are praying. l/p Mom T

Cynthia said...

Sounds like a rough accident and boat quitting.. yikes.

So glad the girls will be able to come out and that Krista can travel back out with you. Are we on your route? You know you're welcome to park your camper here a night.

Anonymous said...

Josiah: Congrat's on the 100% on that paper you turned in. Way to Go! Love/prayers your 2G's

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy - I'm not sure of the route. It appears that we'll be going through WY and into mid ID - because we are taking our dog to Boise.....but I'll let you know.