Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update on Phil

Phil is the name of our young friend who was wounded in theater last Saturday. Things have been happening so fast that I've not been sure what to update. Here's the latest happenings.

  • Phil made it safely to the East Coast and is being treated at the Navy Hospital - his family is very impressed with the care he (and they) are receiving. The Army is also doing a superb job of caring for his wife and parents.
  • The neurosurgeon is amazed at how quickly Phil is recovering. He said they did a good job at the field hospital.
  • Phil's sisters and brother are all on the East Coast now.
  • Please continue to pray that feeling and movement will return to Phil's left side.
  • Phil has been moved out of ICU today and this means he can see his nieces and nephew.
  • Phil would like to see the make this happen has become the mission of his siblings.
  • Ev asks that we pray for those who were responsible for shooting Phil and his cell.
  • There are two young men who were heroes in getting Phil off the field.... Phil is working to make sure they are properly thanked - military style.
  • The near future looks like a couple of weeks in the hospital and then moving on to rehab.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Phil and for all of the troops in harm's way.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...


All we can say is God is a powerful Gow who answers prayer and knows our every move. PTLQ

love/prayers Mom T

Heather said...

So thankful he is out of ICU. Praying he will continue to make great leaps in recovery and will regain FULL feeling.

Cynthia said...

glad he's doing so well.