Friday, April 10, 2009

Not A Single Photo of Passover!

Can you believe it?

I was so blessed that both Josiah and Jamin took the night off - without me even asking or reminding them. We were invited over to the Zesch's for a Seder meal. We had goat - a first for us. Good. It was nice to enjoy a Seder without doing the work during this busy season - but it also felt like cheating. I was to bring dessert and took a couple of fruit trays. ::snort:: It was fun to meet one of my unknown blog readers! Becky, I loved meeting your little family...Nola is blessed to have you for a daughter in love. It was also fun to meet a fellow Air Force family with a 2 week old baby - darling.....and another couple as well.

Mike took yesterday off, mostly. That was also an added blessing. He told me to take a nap - and I did. It seems he worries that burning the candle from both ends may lead to an explosion in the middle was a very productive nap. I awoke with a vision for the decoration of the chapel fellowship hall for Sunday's Easter Breakfast and ideas for table favors. ::snort::

Arielle's finger is looking much, much better! I'm a believer in prayer and black coal drawing salve from Pennsylvania. ::snort:: Well, the older two boys spent the night at Josiah's and I'm ready to go to the gym. I guess I'm going to have to wake up Arielle.

Choosing Joy!
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Cynthia said...

I've learned to take naps. In fact, I take about a 20-30 min nap almost every day now and a good long one sometime on the weekend!

Anonymous said...


HA! I could use an explosion in the middle so long as it only got rid of all the excess. HA! Maybe I need to start to burn the candles at both ends. :):):)

Praying for you all and definitely do love you all tons.

love/prayers Mom T