Friday, April 03, 2009

Passover Lapbook Resources

Yes, we are working on a Passover Lapbook. In the midst of our crazy week, I DO want to share resources that we are using. I TRUST we will actually end up with a lapbook before Passover. ::snort::

Torah Tots has lots of FREE coloring pages that tell the Passover Story and of the Seder itself. There are also a couple of online games to play and you can email cards from here.

Another site full of activities and color pages is Kosher for Passover. Here's a Passover Coloring Book. Treasure Keys has a Moses Page that also has Passover links.

This is an article that suggests activities for the 10 days before Passover to teach kids about the 10 plaques. Hmmm...just found the same list in *A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays* by Robin Sampson.

DLTK - Growing Together has Passover and Moses elements that I may use. This is the site where I got the Life of Jesus and Salvation mini-books for our Resurrection Lapbook.

I purchased Hand's of a Child's Passover Lapbook. I have mixed feelings about this kit... I'd LOVE to find a pre-made kit with templates that clearly teaches the Messianic fulfillment of Passover.....this kit didn't do that for me...but it's a good kit.

There are many articles and such at Biblical Holidays. This site is brought to us by the author of A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays. I'll use several of the charts from this book to bring out the Christian significance of Passover. I wanted to buy the Feasts of the Lord, but haven't. Beth Moore read excerpts of this book in her study of Psalms and I'd like to read more.

What about you? Have you found some great Lent/Passover resources? I'd love to check them out. Leave links in the comment section.

Choosing Joy!
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Cynthia said...

Is that your picture up top? I love the photo. I never did get around to posting our co-op Seder dinner pics and recipes. I should do that now!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL - yep. That's our table from Passover last year. I meant to switch it out a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Your table looks divine! love/prayers Mom T.