Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Random Misawa Trivia


I believe this is a 100 Yen store.....Which would be roughly $1.13 store....according to the numbers the base is giving out. Note the vehicle (I CHOSE this photo because of that VAN....I do think we will find a car big enough for all of us).

What's significant about Japan having 100 Yen stores? Besides the fact that my children love Dollar Stores.....I had asked on the Misawa Home Educators list about an office supply store. Several wrote to tell me that there isn't an Office Supply store. The BX carries a few things but is often out of stock. The 100 Yen store carries a few things. In fact two told me of a time in the recent past when there was NO NOTEBOOK paper to be had in the area. I have been advised to bring what I have with me.....

BUT several have also told me that you can order from Office Depot online. Free shipping if your order is over $50. I thought that was a LOT, but I could save up and place a big order.

Today I ran to buy laminating "stuff", spring folders etc.....and THIS totaled $103.00.


I guess it won't be too hard to total $50....the problem, of course, is that I won't be able to run out to buy what I need "spur of the moment". I'm also wondering how they ship it.

I'm hearing priority will take 7 - 10 days, standard 2 - 4 weeks, and media months and months....

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


Last 2 terms in Davao we had a Mitshu 15 passenger van from Japan. Was good on gas also.

love/prayers Mom T

Cynthia said...

Will you have to purchase a vehicle there?

Kim said...

De'etta, my friend bought a laminator because she used it so much in her English classes. Might consider that. Also, "standard" white paper here (copier) is sized A-4 or B-5, FYI. A little different in size from US letter/legal, but narrower, so it will fit in your printer. Might bring a laminator over if you want to use Letter sized paper.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy and Mom - yes we'll have to buy some sort of car in Japan. OUCH. They drive on the left hand side...the cost of registering, insuring and converting one of our cars is as much as buying a used one in Japan. We aren't allowed to bring it home (and really it wouldn't be set up to drive anywhere else they would send us (expect Europe!!!).

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hmmmm....another thing to consider Kim. I plan on leaving the copy machine here. I plan on one printer....I'm hearing that ink can be hard to find for many brands of printers....may buy a cheap one THERE if I can't find printer ink easily - I use my printer for schooling - alot. LOL

Windy said...

Hi DeEtta,
Our mutual friend, Dorothy-from-England, made sure that I had your blog address. It seems that we'll soon be neighbors, so to speak! My family will also be PCS'ing to Misawa soon. For us, this will be our 4th consecutive overseas posting. At the moment, my husband is stationed in Osan, Korea. The Air Force had wonderful pity on us (we have 5 children) and allowed us to remain here at Croughton, England while he is in Osan. I have enjoyed your Misawa facts and appreciate how your family is trying to immerse yourselves in the culture. Good for you! We also homeschool and I have to admit, I'm really looking foward to getting to know you and your family better. We currently attend the Protestant service on base so will be looking forward to meeting you at the chapel in Misawa.
I want to be sure and pass on to you a website which has fascinated my family. Go to I believe a military mom is responible for the site and, although not daily, will post pictures and explanations of things to see on base and surrounding area. She is ALWAYS upbeat and there is never any negativity about the area. I love that kind of attitude! Please feel free to email me any time. I'd love to try and keep in touch. We will be arriving in Japan mid-September. God bless and keep up with that Japanese!
In Him,

WIndy said...

DeEtta, I think you'll find shopping while overseas easier than you imagine. From our experience (13 yrs. in a row)the internet is our life-line to buying what we need. In most cases, the BX is unreliable mostly because things will sell out so quickly. For us,,, Timberdoodle, are great places to shop and which will ship you your goods in a postal mode that doesn't take months. Tip: anything NOT shipped priority mail will most likely take 1 month to reach you. At least it does to Europe. Sometimes it's tempting to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING deals some of these store may offer, but keep in mind that generally, this means that your items will be shipped PARCEL POST. Which equals 1-2 months before receipt. I think this is unusual, but recently I received a dvd ordered from that too ELEVEN months to arrive.!! Just something to think about!
P.S. For clothing, Landsend and L.L. Bean ship priority :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Windy - did you get the email I sent you last week or maybe the week earlier? I've been emailing with so many new folks that it's hard to keep up with who has responded....but I wonder if you got my email.

I have the daily photo and misawalife in my reader...she doesn't seem to be updating much - I wonder if they've pcs'd.....but cool photos. I wish I could post them here but they are I content myself with Photobucket photos that aren't set to private. LOL

Windy said...

Hi DeEtta,
No, I haven't received any emails from you. I check my spam folder every day, so I suspect it may be an accidental mistype of the address. Here it is:
Looking forward to keeping in touch!