Thursday, April 16, 2009

Help Get the Word Out!

Several have asked me about writing more Super Sized Saturday entries and about the proposed Meme. I promise to bring it back.

I can almost guarantee that I will not be writing lots of weekly entries between now and our move (maybe, but I doubt it).

However, if I can figure out Mr. Linky I WILL do some backwards Super Sized Saturdays.....where I ask YOU for your best tips on a variety of issues that would be of help to Super Sized Families...and remember all are welcome to participate regardless of the size of their family...though the hope is tips that will benefit Super Sized Families as well as all families.

The very first meme topic will be a plea for you to share your BEST STORAGE tips ~ especially helpful for a family downsizing in space. IF I figure out Mr. Linky he'll be here this Saturday (or late Friday night). If I don't have time to figure out Mr. Linky, we'll use the comment section for this first meme. I NEED your ::snort::

You'll simply write a post about storage in small spaces, then put a link to that post in the Mr Linky....or if you don't own a blog, you can leave your tips in the comment section. Start thinking now and we'll give it a shot. Do save the graphic to your computer and feel free to use it with your posts or what not. It would be nice if you'd link it back to the page explaining Super Sized Saturdays. IF yo can't figure it out, don't worry. I've not figured out how to make it a clickable graphic with the code for you to copy. ::snort::

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Choosing Joy!
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becky.onelittle said...

Storage tip of the day: Ask Julie Price :)