Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Murphy's Law of Moving

Our packers are due on Monday. By Friday we have painters scheduled. Our home was to be on the market by 15 May. Bre flies in 18 May, Jamin graduates 23 May, our last Sunday is 24 May, we drive out 1 June. We were going to visit family and friends in Alaska before heading to Japan. ::drum roll:::

NOW the movers aren’t coming next week. They “may” get someone here on the 13th to do the hold stuff ONLY. The earliest possibility that they’ll have someone here to pack the stuff for Japan is 21 May – THAT IS THE DAY BEFORE A 4 DAY WEEKEND…..This means they will probably pack the 21st, 26th and 27th for THAT.

They can’t find anyone to pack the storage stuff and that may push into June. We can't leave until everything is packed...and we'd like to stay and sign off on the contract work that is being done on the house. Meanwhile Krista has given her notice based on our timeline. Apartments have been rented in OR, based on the timeline. Painters etc were scheduled that have to be rescheduled, our home won’t be listed NOW, which is prime time for military buyers…..

Ladies – pray for me. I’m looking for the joy…it is mixed with a good bit of frustration. It appears we will be packing right around graduation or the week after, instead of kicking back with the girls. Our stuff will NOT arrive in Japan in July/Aug....more like Sept/Oct. It looks as if we won’t be able to make it to Alaska (this is why military folks have a hard time taking advantage of early bird prices on airfare!). If they bump it much more it will cut into the time we have to spend in the NW with family…. Dad Earl is 93 - we need to see him before we go overseas. We think we NEED to see everyone else but most likely it is a want. ::snort:: The date that will not change is the date we fly out of Seattle to Japan. ::snort::

Positives in not packing on Monday:

  • Jamin will NOT move out on Mother's day!
  • I'll have more time to work on photos.
  • I have more time to sell books/curriculum etc.
  • I have more time to organize.
  • I'll have less time without Internet (I don't think that's available at the fam camp).
  • We'll be able to go to the kids' drama performance (Jamin wrote the play that the kids are performing).
  • Our last Bible study won't be while the packers are at our house. ::snort::
  • I don't have to have EVERYTHING done by Sunday.
  • This will save Jamin money.
  • The girls wanted to help with the move and we had planned to have it all done before they arrived. ::snort::
  • Krista can make a new stool for Zander and we can pack it with our household goods. ::snort::
  • The urgent pace of sorting abates if they are arriving the last week of may instead of the 11th.......guess I can procrastinate a few weeks? ::snort::
  • We have more time to transfer VHS to DVD.
  • I think we'll have the boys' portfolio's mailed before we move into the trailer.

Ah - listing those positives really does calm one down.

In the end, the house will sell when God wants it to sell, the packers will pack when God wants them here, we'll leave town when God wants us to leave town.....We'll adjust....we REALLY wanted to take a mini-vacation to Alaska and visit friends and will not receive PFD from here on out since we can't make it up there in 2009 but honestly....it's OK....we still have email and God will figure out a good time for us to make it to AK for a visit.

Krista's on the phone - no time to blog!

©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Praying it all works out:) How frustrating though! (((hugs)))

Jen in Wa

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear. I just caught up on the last couple of days. Here's another (((HUG)))! Looks like you need it!

Jen in Wa

Renee said...

If packers come on 21 May they can also pack on 22 May... it's not a holiday for moving companies (just some military).... praying that it will all work out for your family. I so understand the stress of an overseas move having done it multiple times.....

Darshia said...

Praying, contiually praying.

Can you list the house when you planned with the provision it won't be vacant before June something and carpet will be replaced and all painted, etc.?

Or don't replace the carpet and provide a carpet allowance in the contract equal to what you would have paid...that way the new owner's custom pick their color.

Does the extra time until packing permit your family the opportunity clear out and paint one room at a time and thus save money? That may add more stress though...nevermind.

Janette said...

Ah- my luck? The packers will show up next week anyway. They never seem to "get the memo".
I'll be praying!

Cynthia said...

I was wondering the same thing that Darshia mentioned. Can you not skip the painting and carpet laying? Go ahead and list it now with allowances for those things? Our realtor said a lot of people typically like to redo those things anyway so when we listed our house he didn't think we needed to go to the effort of painting, etc., and suggested the allowance instead.

Becky said...

Praying for you and your family. Something I am learning being new to the military way of doing things...flexibility... it is amazing how God can grow you in this area... we sure have been stretched like Stretch Armstrong... Remembering you in prayer. Becky in NC


Kathy in WA said...

Oh dear! I like how you are always looking for the joy (even when it's hard). Hang in there!!

Michelle said...

Ditto what Darshia said. Praying for you as you're searching for joy in the midst of the chaos.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

House - Our realtors are really good and have a great reputation in the area. Our painters even told us they've seen three houses sold before they were done painting. In other words they know THIS area and how to sell in it.

They said that folks here want to see a home all ready to go - that the first impression sticks and it's a rare buyer around here who will see something and be able to picture new paint/carpet etc. They go with their first reaction and don't come back to look when the repairs are done....so that is why it's not on the market already.

The above may be due to the fact that this is a high military market. Most moving in have just a couple of days to look and find a home...and they don't want to buy with promises of what will be done in case the timing gets off etc.

However, we meet with them on Monday again and may well go ahead and list....who knows?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Becky - Oh yes....this is key. In fact, I was surprised that after the first 2 - 5 min of spitting nails I was good to go and could laugh about it within 30 min.

I feel the worst for family and friends who are not subject to the whim of others to change your plans, change tickets etc....this will change our travel plans significantly. But still God is God - in the big things and in the little scheme of things like the date of a move. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Janette - THIS was my thought too....and at PWOC last night several said the same thing....."better be ready on Monday in case they show up anyway!"

Anonymous said...


Oh the joys of international moving and etc. It all comes together and is actually fun to look back and see how God had put this and that into place. Like the play!etc.

Praying and know most of the family, and friends will adjust well to whatever schedule you end up with. First importance is your kids, Mike's parents and you 2 and your sanity. Wow, you are learning again to "roll with the punches".....

Sure wish we were close enough to help.

love/prayers Dad/Mom T

Darshia said...


I agree w/your Mom. First importance is your kids, Mike's parents and you 2 and your sanity. I too am impressed w/how you are "rolling with the punches." Well done, Sis!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks Mom and Darshia. Darshia I was mostly spitting mad about not going to Alaska...I wanted to see you badly. LOL

Darshia said...

Lol, Sis, I would love to see you and yours, but I know Who is sovereign and that His plans for our lives work out for the best eternally.