Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quick Morning Update

Janette, at PWOC last night several said the same thing you did, "Better be ready on Monday in case they show up!" ::snort:: I was greatly blessed by a couple who stayed late last night and simply talked with me...both vetran movers, both with overseas moves under their belts.....things such as "Pack up all your knick knacks for storage and buy what you want THERE - because you'll get what fits and have keepsakes from Japan," and "Consider getting rid of desktops and buying one or two laptops," and "Don't take the computer desks - buy something there that will fit the rooms"....that sort of thing.

Here's a quick update...while Mike was being told not to expect to be done with packing until "into June," I was receiving phone calls from a company in Abilene who plans to be here next week. It appears, at this point, that instead of ONE WEEK of packing and then repairmen will be spread over two weeks....but the house should be empty by Memorial Day Weekend. Instead of one company, there will be three. AND....since they were calling Mike at the office and me at home with different dates....who knows WHEN they will show up. ::snort:: This is what we THINK will happen based on piecing all the calls together...and I DID get more gypso (probably not the right initials but it works for me - I feel like a gypsy) emails confirming the pack outs for 2 of the 3 companies.

12 May - reps from one of the companies will actually come and see what we have (this is common and usually happens early, so we are glad to hear at least one of the pack out folks are thinking to do it). ::snort::

13 May - Hold Baggage (God is SO good because that frees up the 12th for us to watch Arielle, Nolan and Zander in a play. I hadn't been overly upset about all of us not making it - and here you go - it changed so we can. )

14 - 15 May - Pack and move out goods that are going to storage.

21 May - they INSIST they can pack and move all that we are taking to Japan in one day. Maybe.

There will be nearly a week between the two pack outs. I think we could move everything going to Japan into our living room/kitchen (which won't be painted) and get the painters in here. If we can move stuff quickly, so it would give the painters time to have it painted before Memorial Day, we'll do that. That means WE will be taking apart all the beds, packing up fragile stuff maybe those packers CAN get in and out in a day. ::snort::

It looks like we may be a week "late" leaving TX...but we should be out of here before mid-June. We are nearly certain our Alaska trip is out - but not 100% certain until the dust settles a bit more. {::snort:: I KNOW some of you, who don't live our nomadic/military lifestyle, are thinking, "The dust never settles for those people!" It will. }

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Janette said...

I would take the beds apart (make sure to tape all essential pieces to one of the support rails). I would not wrap the fragile things- you are then liable- not them. I agree on the compture desks.Put them in storage. We lived in 750 sq feeet in Hong Kong. Glad we took little. Hold baggage was the most important. Opening storage three OS moves and six years later was FUN!
I have been packed out in one day. My family was not large- but moving companies usually send someone experienced for an overseas move.
The reason for the delay could be- the moving compnaies hire college guies when they get out. The most essential person is the puzzle master- usually the driver of the truck. He often does not pack- but supervises He knows how to put things in "just so".
After four overseas moves...I still would be ready on Monday:>)
PS- I agree on having the walls painted IF you are selling to military. Most want a clean canvas to work on- knowing they have a month to settle and three years to live there (if they are lucky)painting is a pain.
Still praying.

Renee said...

Not at all unusual to have three different companies for the three different shipments; actually quite common ime.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the input, Janette. You remind me of the calm, insightful ladies last night.

Renee - we've been in 15 years and this is the first time we've EVER had more than one company move us - including the "overseas move" to Alaska....but this is the first one to a real overseas assignment...maybe it's common for OS moves but like I said - this is the first time in 15 years it's happened to US. LOL

Darshia said...

Praising Jesus for the answers He's providing. Still praying.

Romany said...

I'm sorry that you'll miss out on your Alaska trip.

Praying that everything else falls into place.

It's not fun being without your stuff for months. BTDT. We only had what was in our suitcases for 8 weeks or so after moving once. Oh well.

It does give you a great perspective on the nature of 'stuff' even though it's inconvenient. If only that perspctive stuck with us. I'm typing in a house full of stuff again. {g}

Linda said...

I've never done much moving AT ALL, let alone of this type, but the advise those moving veterans gave you seems really good to me! How long will you be there? Three years? Will Jared be there the entire time? I can't remember if he's the same age as Landon (who technically has 2 years of high school left) or a year younger.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Linda, Jared is a year younger than Landon. He'll move back with us.

Our plan is all three boys in the biggest room we have (possibly the master bedroom if they won't fit in the other)....girls in one room...the other room will hopefully be a quiet room we can set up for quiet study as there won't be a lot of that for Jared in his room. It may end up being a storage room.