Friday, April 27, 2012

Internet Footprint and Intimacy

It's no secret I'm evaluating my "Internet footprint".  Some say Facebook is for "personal" stuff and blogs are "public." I have a sense only those who really WANT to know what I'm up too will take the time to read Choosing Joy... Blogging feels far more intimate and private to me than Facebook has become. I know the blog is public and open to anyone who stumbles across it..... Facebook  feedback is instant; I don't often receive feedback on the blog.  I like feedback  - even when it stings - usually. 

In any event.....blogging fulfills the goal of a family journal, Facebook fritters my time and keeps me focused on those "away - outside of my current life." I'm not phrasing this I work to live life more in the present....I've been evaluating both Facebook and Choosing Joy to see how they interact with that goal as well as other family goals.  I CAN keep in contact with large numbers of friends via Facebook....I CAN spend hours a day interacting with women on Facebook and it's "ministry" and "friendship" and "social networking" and it's good...but I'm not sure it's the best. It certainly takes time from living PRESENT with my family and the women God has brought to my life in this season...though many local relationships would not have developed without the impetus of Facebook. Ah - it hurts my brain to try to think deep thoughts. ::snort::  

I keep wondering if Facebook is the way I want to interact with  friends. Days of long, newsy, personal intimate emails from friends around the world have been replaced with a barrage of info - now I know what they eat, what they watch, what they saw, what the weather is like...but I miss knowing what they THINK about all those things, what they FEEL about all those things, what Father God is teaching them through these events....I am not sure Facebook has been a good exchange for  private, personal, intimate, one-to-one or one-to-four communication. 

I realize 98% of the world has chosen to live their lives  on Facebook. I can't expect friends to remember to send me a personal email about their impending move, their beautiful spring day, their new pregnancy. They've posted on Facebook and 893 know in the same amount of time it would take to privately email the one. I get that. I live with the same time constraints. Therefore, I suspect I will stay on Facebook...but I'm not assuming it's a great way to interact with friends.  I actually am starting to resent that if I don't have an hour (or more) to cruise friends' status updates I simply won't know the important things going on. I don't have an hour or two a feels, dare I say it, manipulative. 

Maybe it doesn't really matter how I long to relate to friends - because most will relate via FB and not intimately any longer. 

I KNOW Facebook is an awesome advertising and networking tool for ministries. I've seen that. I administer 3 ministry pages. I'm sold. I KNOW Facebook is a great way to generate prayer support and get info out in a time of crisis. I'm not saying "I must abstain from Facebook forever," I'm simply evaluating if this is the way I want to interact personally with friends...or with strangers who friend me. ::grin::  

Facebook has brought a touch of irritation to my life. I DO have a wacky sense of humor, I AM an individual...I assume you read my Facebook because you are a friend, you know me, you love me....but it would appear some feel the need to  adjust my questionable outlook on a funny photo of  the results of swallowing gum or a book link from a theological background different than yours.  I don't like being responsible for everything at a site I share.....and I feel duped when I find I share something that contains offensive info further on....though I do wonder who has the time to read all the sites of all the links shared on Facebook. I don't mind a friend correcting me...but on Facebook it doesn't feel like feels like I need to be very guarded and superficial. (Not traits at which I excel - but ones which I've learned over 25 years of ministry). 

I've been living with new boundaries for a few weeks on Facebook. I've chosen to open a blog post every a.m. and jot "FB status updates" in the post. I post it in the evening to Facebook. This gives me time to remove those things which an extrovert may say and wish she'd not said by evening. ::snort:: It also captures those snippets for Choosing Joy - which we print.  I don't get as much feedback from others this way on Facebook. I've adjusted to that.  This insures Facebook is not frittering away my Internet minutes leading to whole days not captured on Choosing Joy. I'm now considering not even posting personal things on Facebook - just passing on others' updates, links, photos and reading friends updates. ::gasp:: 

I considered not many were reading the blog and so began to check stats to verify this. I contemplate making the blog I can still keep it up, still save our adventures...and as I said, I assumed no one reads the blog anyway.  Now I find Choosing Joy gets 300 - 500 hits a day. So I ask WHY? I'm not fancy. I haven't had time to share "deep thoughts from a shallow Christian". You've not found lots of lists to help you with this or that, fun links etc here in the past months. Why do you come here? Would you miss Choosing Joy if it went private? Who are you? Are you family, friends we've known here or there, Internet friends?????? Am I Facebook more intimate than Choosing Joy? Is it really creepier to have so many reading my "intimate, family blog" without every saying "Boo - this is who I am and I agree with you. Your thoughts resonate with me. May I suggest another perspective for you to pray over?"  Is Internet just creepy? Should extroverts stay far away? 

Things I've been evaluating. I'd love your thoughts. My conclusions: 

  • Choosing Joy is a priceless family journal and I will continue -  either public or private.
  • It meets a family goal to keep Choosing Joy current.
  • Facebook APPEARS to meet my extroverted need for connection - but I'm not 100% sold I have this much need for connection. 
  • Facebook has taken time which used to be used maintaining deeper friendships with a few. 
  • I'm not sure why people say, "Facebook is more intimate than blogging"....I must be doing Facebook wrong. What I see is what I post on Facebook "seems" to be seen by more - but maybe it's seen by as many on the blog and they just don't comment as easily as folks on Facebook?
  • Finding solitude in our age of technology will take some deliberate measures...even extroverts need's a God thing. 
  • If you have a blog - is it public or by invitation only? 
  • If you abstain from Facebook I'd love to know how you maintain that "daily connection" with your friends? Do they remember to let you know what's going on?
  • What am I missing? 
Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Yvonne Ferlita said...

De'Etta, I think that FB is very superficial. I think it is the nature of the beast. I think most people are more guarded there than on email lists where they could keep a small sense of anonymity. With FB, there is a full name, a city, a picture! *gasp*. Plus there is a mixed audience. On my FB, I am not as free to be me...I've often wished that I'd had limited FB and not included some folks. I have to be careful aboutz what I say about spiritual things because I am protestant and my extended family is Catholic. I have to be careful about what I say about education because I am a homeschooler and my extended family are public school teachers. you get the picture.
But, I also think that blogging isn't all that much better. Intimacy isn't easy to come by on the intimacy. Nothing is as real as real life...but there is a place for this type of ministry.

I care for you, De'Etta. You stuck with me when I was going throu a tough time. You mentored, encouraged. You and Liz have meant the world to me. Yet, our relationship has been necessarily limited by distance and forum. You are valuable to me...and I have missed you greatly. FB is not satisfying...but blogging is almost oo public. I don't want to share my life with the whole world...but I'd love to share it with you. I'd honestly love to go back and be email pals.

Yvonne Ferlita said...

I meant to say also, that 1000 onlooking eyes...even the set belonging to 300 pound hairy better than millions of eyes. And the same 1000 eyes are better than the 40 something sets of eyes on FB because I didn't care what they thought of me. I didn't know them.. They were anonymous! There were a small group that I cared about...but of that group I have only stayed in touch with a handful. The longsuffering ones. (shaking my head...growing up on the internet isn't fun)

Sarah and Jason said...

I read your blog because paying for internet is a lot cheaper than buying plane tickets to Japan every time I want to see what's up with the G family - which is quite often.

Okay, maybe I wish I hadn't typed that, but our warped personalities are quite similar so I am trusting that you will find the humor in it. Honestly, I read your blog because it's HONEST and REAL - just like a family journal should be. You are capturing the sweet, messy, hilarious moments that many families are too embarrassed to admit happen in their own homes. (example, Alex praying that Stacia won't be so snotty... I laughed myself silly and shared it with friends - who also laughed). That's priceless. And the fact that you share that so openly with so many people that you may or may not know is very encouraging... even to those of us in different phases of life.

People who are offended at the things you write on FB need a big dose of "get-the-heck-over-it". Having different opinions is what makes life FUN. Be yourself - 300-500 people per day love you for it!


Unknown said...

I have followed your blog pretty much from the begginning, before FB was around. I was part of the Sonlight email group and then remained on it when it changed to SHS. For a few years I maintained a blog but stopped updating it for lack of time.
I too have pondered what to do with FB. At times its a blessing and other times I wonder what is the point. FB does seem superficial, surface only. Blogs allow the reader time to sit, grab a cup of coffee or tea and catch up on the day. I appreciate your honesty, your struggles, encouragment, recipes, and just watching your family minister in different parts of the world.
Will I stop using FB? Not sure. Right now I like to catch up on updates for Noah and a few sick friends who are dealing with cancer. Other than that I would probably stay away from it. My older 3 guys aren't big into FB. One of my guys says its a waste of time and I don't care to hear about someones dinner. lol
Anyway.....looking forward to hearing from other blog readers.
Laura J.

Anonymous said...

I am always encouraged by the supersized family stories, the homeschool adventures, and how all has been handled with such grace in the midst of ministry and daily life's thoughts. God made you my friend for a reason. I'm starting to scale back on FB as well, although it is a genius for PWOC ministry. Very good thoughts, as always, friend.


Anonymous said...

Hello from a lurker in Tokyo. I came accross your blog a while ago (before the earthquake) and have really enjoyed reading about your family and it's adventures. I was so impressed with all that you and your church did for Japanese citizens after the earthquake, your kids climb up Mt. Fuji, and with your husband's illness was checking in everyday to make sure that he was recovering OK. It's almost like reading a novel, I think, since we haven't ever met and probably never will, but I am happy that you are willing to share. (and I hope that you don't mind me reading?) I find it difficult to comment on blogs, not knowing how I come accross, but I would never critize someone since it is your personal place to write what you want to. (just my opinion) Nancy Tsurumaki in Tokyo

Ronnica said...

I've been reading your blog for years...I feel like I've grown-up with your family. I would certainly respect your decision to go private if you did so, but I'd definitely miss it.

I think I read because it's interesting and encouraging to see how someone else is living out their faith in radically different circumstances than my own (I'm almost 30 and single, living in the States).

Personally, I Facebook, but it's not where any real connecting is happening. The real connections happen in person or via personal text or email conversations with my friends. I don't mind having 100s of superficial friends, because I have those handful of intimate ones.

Renee said...

I love keeping up with your family since our once upon a time military homeschool group went by the wayside. You are one of the ladies from that group that I've always considered a friend

Linda said...

I've been thinking these things as well. Facebook for me is much less private than my blog. And I agree with Yvonne that sometimes I wish I'd limited my FB "friends". That said, I love the opportunity to connect with cousins I haven't seen in person for 20+ years and for dear friends from my youth group years. Facebook is almost the only contact I have with other homeschooling moms (haven't fit into our local group yet). I really miss the SHS days. I'm not sure I answered any of your specific questions, but these are just my random thoughts!

Laura said...


Okay, I can already tell that this will be perhaps the worlds most rambling and incoherent comment. Sorry up front. :/

I think I am right there with you on this issue. And I too feel that somehow the blog is more intimate and facebook is more 'shallow'. I do enjoy both, though, and guess I keep them in separate categories in my mind, almost. Facebook is almost like a global front page of a newspaper. The old kind of newspaper that I grew up with in a small town... the one that had 'articles' about 'so and so invited 8 people for supper and they had....' and 'Johnny got a ribbon for doing...' and etc.

I really appreciate the facebook connections, even if they are more shallow. They do allow me to be connected to people that I wouldn't be otherwise in my daily life - and I personally feel that is positive.

But, my blog is a journal of our lives. I am wide open there and sometimes worry about being way too specific about my family, our activities, etc. But, it is primarily for our own purposes - a chronicle of our lives - so I can't imagine changing that. I would get so confused if I tried to start writing with nicknames for people or without details. :) My brain just isn't that organized!!

I think one of the ways I *try* to handle the time issues is to not be consistent. ha! I blog several posts when I get a chance, but not nicely laid out over multiple days. I go a long dry spell then spill out a ton of stuff. I truly am a 'bad blogger'. :) Same with facebook. I try to keep up on posts by skimming before bed or when I first get going in the morning, but don't always spend a lot of *time* there, until I *have* time. It makes me not as reliable, I suppose, but it helps with the 'guilt' both directions. (ahhh... how sad that guilt can come in so many ways and that we let it, eh?)

I know Mike is very supportive of your blog and encourages you to use it as a family record. My hubby is the same. And there is SUCH a beauty in looking back over the years and seeing how even those snippets that we somehow managed to get posted mean SO MUCH now, don't you think? (by the way, I plan to print my blogs, current and old, the same way you have. Thanks for that GREAT idea!!!!!!)

Anyway, all this to say that I don't have any answers, but definitely understand your questions. :)

Laura said...

I really shouldn't continue, but this (below) was the last part of my comment. I had to cut it in half because I went over the limit allowed for a comment! (perhaps this in itself should be seen as a positive mark for the 'shallowness' of facebook. I talk too much in other venues!!) :)

Here is the rest of my comment...

Another random thought that just occurred to me. The blog feels like it is *mine*. Facebook feels like it all belongs to someone else. That may be why, to me, the blog is more personal and intimate, even though it could be 'too public' of a venue. However, I don't believe I will change anything. I just keep praying as I go. :)

I haven't really talked about the relationship part that you mentioned. I don't know how to put my thoughts into words on that. They seem to be all muddled up. I know that, for me, visiting with a friend one on one over coffee is where I get the deep stuff. Or over a dinner table with family. However, my life is SO enriched by the people that I interact with via facebook AND my blog and I don't want to give that up. It is just... different. I think I must like having all the categories of relationship, interaction, friendship and connectivity. :)

And finally (can you tell that I am sort of going down through your post and then typing whatever pops into my mind in response!) I can't imagine that anyone has ever had anything to complain about with your facebook posts. Goodness! You are about the best encourager and inspirational mentor out there! You can NOT be responsible for every link that comes off of a link you post. (who honestly has time for that???) And we are not all cookie cutter beings. Isn't that part of the great beauty of these interactions? I sure wouldn't want to visit only with people who are just like me. There will always be some who respond in such a way, I suppose, but I say just keep on being you. I, for one, heartily approve!! ha!!

Laura in CT said...

You ask such good questions. I like that.

I quit blogging a year ago when I realized, because of things that were going on in my life, that I could no longer be honest and open about what was going on in such a public forum. Not that I had a lot of readers--but there were things happening that I couldn't explain publicly but that were all-consuming, so the blog would have had to become superficial and thus--to me--false. So I simply quit.

I'm still on FB, and I keep it light. I would quit FB if it weren't so handy for keeping up with my older kids who are in college--they use it, so I stay around to catch glimpses of them from afar. Really, if I thought my son would text me now and then or call me and tell me what's going on in his life, I'd drop FB in a heartbeat.

The friends that matter most to me are either not on FB or don't use it much. We either see each other in person or correspond via email. So it really has no effect on my important friendships. But then, I am an introvert with a low need for lots of connection.

I don't imagine any of that is helpful for you as you think this through--the balance is going to be different for every person, and it will likely change over time. Seems to me I remember you talking about seasons a lot? There may be a season for blogging, a season for FB, a season for none of it, and lots of combinations. (I love Twitter, for example, though I rarely tweet--I just use it for information gathering. And I like Instagram--social photography.) This is my season for FB light and no blogging. You'll sort your seasons too, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

SIS: One thing for sure.......No matter what you decide to do Dad/I will follow you. We are actually happy and glad you are keeping an account of your daily happenings....... wish we would have done that 50 years ago. What fun it would have been to read now. Just let us know where you are writing and we will be there. love, hugs, and prayers to you all... dad/mom t.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


We've never met, and likely never will, and I comment only rarely but "check in" on you two or three times a week. (Lurker!)


You'd be a great neighbor. I feel like I'm looking over the fence, into your back yard. No, closer than that. You let us right into your house. Yah, I'm sure there's much more you keep private, but I feel like I know your family.

And it's a great encouragement :D

I've learned a TON from you (started reading shortly after we started homeschooling, though I can't remember how I stumbled onto your blog.) You've been a huge encouragement in homeschooling and family life.

I've been inspired by the way your family relates to "young adults" (not teenagers), among many other things.

I'm not a facebook girl. Too much information I don't need or care about (what kind of dog food someone is trying, who is selling candles, where someone went grocery shopping, etc.) Like you said, I want to know what my friends think and feel :D

And you do that in the blog, beautifully. You have a lovely balance in sharing your family's struggles and joys without (IMHO) revealing too much of your kids' personal issues.

Thanks for being so open for all of us, and still praying for Mike's recovery,

Julie G

Lisa Smith said...

I read your blog because I do love you and look up to you. I am not sure if you have realized this but you and I have similar personality traits and I am in awe on how you can raise/train/educate all those kids, respect your husband, and live in a healthy manner.

I think maybe you do not realize the impact you have on others. The Lord has blessed you with your spiritual gifts. That will leave a footprint, no matter what media. Sounds like you really do need to think about how media will work within your limits.

Add me if you go private! :)

jobee said...

I found your blog last year when I was looking for Japanese ideas for a party I planned for myself. I've enjoyed continuing to find out about what you are up to in Japan. I love how you use your blog posts as a family keepsake.

I don't comment often as I read your blog in Google reader, often on an iPad so I often don't think to comment.

Facebook has helped me get in contact with a lot of friends I had lost contact with over the years. I often don't say what I'm really thinking, in fact I haven't posted much except pictures lately. I occasionally blog, but not regularly.

Ultimately it's up to you to decide what the best is for you & your family. All the best

becky.onelittle said...

I would really miss your blog if it weren't here. I read almost every post (unless I'm away on vacation, I sometimes won't 'catch up') But even if you're not teaching or sharing precious nuggets, I'm gleaning wisdom from your experience. I respect and admire you and your family, so I really love getting a glimpse of your life. I missed not getting to know you more in San Angelo, and obviously I can't get to Japan! So pls invite me if you go private- unless you plan to move to the Chattanooga area :) Then I'll just go camp in your living room.

Kelly said...

I come to read your blog because I feel like I know you after all these years of internet friendship. I like to see what is going on with your kids, and it's pretty cool to read about living in Japan.

I think blogging is more intimate than FB. FB is just snippets of life, imo. I do like to share pictures on FB because it is so easy. And my boys are on FB, and although they live in my house, I learn a lot of stuff about what they are up to from FB...crazy, huh?

I have 3 blogs; 2 are public and one private. The private one is the marriage blog I write, but haven't been keeping up with. I saw it being pinned all over pinterest, and it kinda made me family doesn't know about it, and D is not comfortable with them knowing about it, and I'm rarely updating it, so I set it to private. People that are regular readers have sent me an email asking me what happened, and then I just set it so they can read it.

I'd miss you if you went private :)

Jen said...

I haven't taken the time to read all the comments above, so this may have already been said. Sometimes I think no one is reading my blog, but then I remember that with Google Reader, people don't actually have to come to the blog and get registered as a "hit" to read it. I often just do all my reading in Reader and only come to a blog to comment. I still remember being shocked when I visited my cousin's blog and realizing it was a completely different format and had been for a long time and I had no idea because I did all my reading in Reader.

Anyway, I would MISS Choosing Joy if it went private. And you know I like your Status posts because I stole your idea. And I definitely relate to all you say here because I do kind of miss that feeling that people see and care about what I write about on my blog because it doesn't seem to get as much attention as FB.

Jen said...

Laura Said:"I quit blogging a year ago when I realized, because of things that were going on in my life, that I could no longer be honest and open about what was going on in such a public forum. Not that I had a lot of readers--but there were things happening that I couldn't explain publicly but that were all-consuming, so the blog would have had to become superficial and thus--to me--false. So I simply quit."

That's what exactly happened to my blog. All in a period of months a lot of turmoil came into my life that was too private and controversial to go into and that I just couldn't process to put into a blog so I just quit. My life and thoughts seemed consumed with stuff I was not about to put out in a public forum like that and so I had nothing to say. My blog became "just books" as my aunt said. That's one of the reasons I loved your status update idea because it helped jumpstart my blogging again with a simple, easy way to put something there even if I don't have time or energy to write something more or something deeper.Unfortunately, I wonder if anyone remembers I still I have a blog except you and Kristine.

I do love FB in that it has brought back into my life a lot of people I have not seen and have missed like crazy for years. It has allowed me to get to know and connect with people in a way that I probably would not have been able to do without FB. And I do think it is more private that my blog where I get strange and random commmenters telling me how hard it is to find and can they help me publize more. (UM no! Apparently they found it just fine!) But, I do also have to censor somethings I say on FB as well. So neither is perfect. But,I think they both have their place.

Kathy in WA said...

Great thoughts, comments and questions! You always do like to make us think, don't you. :)

Keep the dialogue going. It's helpful.

Love you, your blog, your sweet family and, most of all, your passion for Jesus!!

Ev said...

I don't comment on the blog much - but I thoroughly reading it. Helps me keep in touch with what your family is doing, prayer points, etc.

Unknown said...

Love your thoughts here. Love reading about your family and Japan.
I love your thoughts and suggestions and often benefit from them. They introduce me to something i wouldn't find on my own.
I am amazed at how disciplined you are.
Love how open and honest you are. I'm an introvert, so love that FB doesn't demand much from me. Love the connections (even superficial) that it brings. It makes me feel less isolated from my village setting in Eastern Europe.
De'Etta, I'm not sure people write long, thoughtful letters expressing feelings anymore. Really. I read your blog and find myself talking back to you... affirming, agreeing - or not. I rarely write comments - but am quick to try to help you from a comment on FB. Why? Hmm? Not sure.
I found myself wanting to "like" sentences/ paragraphs in your blog. (Sick, I know.)
Don't close your blog. I mean, you can. But it would make me sad.
I see the blogs & FB all as tools. They each have their purpose, but you don't use a hoe to screw in a screw or use a hammer to cut off a piece of wood. They're beneficial. They can be mis-used, but they're just instruments that can be beneficial if used in skilled hands.
Keep writing.
Don't take the world out there that wants to complain/ criticize too seriously. Keep in touch and stay in touch.
Blessings. Tammy

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Wowee! Processing all the emails and comments this post generated. I'll respond a bit here. Thanks to all who took this post as your cue to come out of hiding and send me your first comment. Always fun to meet new friends.

Yvonne - I'd LOVE to be email pals too - time is short and I'm not as quick as I'd like to be....I do get what you are saying.....especially this "1000 eyes are better than the 40 something sets of eyes on FB because I didn't care what they thought of me." LOL

SS - don't you wish I'd had the blog when you visited us in San Antonio? You're high school swim suit photos would be blazed across the internet! ::snort:: You KNOW you are welcome to hop a jet anytime. Thanks for the laugh.

Laura Jones - how FUN you're still here! I stay on FB for that and for a couple of other reasons too....thanks for your kind words.

Mel, my friend...what is the world coming too if both of us are pulling back at the same time. I agree God made us friends for a reason - and it began with blog surfing....honored to call you an internet and real life friend and ministry partner.

Nancy Tsurumaki what fun it would be to meet some day in Tokyo. I've loved my visits to your city.

Ronnica - thanks for your insight. I also enjoy seeing how others live out their faith. I'm blessed you find that here.

Renee - Ditto! Those long ago days as a new military spouse - so many adjustments MHO helped me through. Thank you.

Linda - it DOES help to hear you have had the same thought about FB and blogging. I also fondly remember the season of SHS in my life...

Laura M - "allow me to be connected to people that I wouldn't be otherwise in my daily life" - THIS is a great advantage of FB isn't it? I need to categorize. So you try to just blog as you would for a family journal and don't worry about who else may read it? I also don't want to lose the "intimate" tone o n the blog that would come from focusing on who may or may not be reading. I want to be simply me...that's it. I don't want to have to put on masks. They're too hard to remove. LOL Oh, Laura such great thoughts in your long comment. ::snort:: Yes, it is WONDERFUL to go back and see the snippets. I forget so much - didn't realize I did until we printed a bit of the blog. Yes, exactly the blog feels like MINE. I can print it, delete it and it GOES AWAY - it doesn't make drastic changes unless I change them and it doesn't blare my surfing to the world unless I tell it to. LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts and it means a lot that you think I'm an encouraging mentor. Praise God. I feel like I make a whole lot of blunders. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Laura in CT - fun to connect after all this time. Glad you are still here and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, that very issue of being authentic and real..of transparency is one I struggle with. There are a few things I'd like to have in a printed journal - but I don't really want the whole world knowing and I'm not totally sure my child wants to read them 20 years from now either...or HOW they'll read into my words and we may all end up on the shrink's couch. I've wrestled with it too.....there was a time when there were big things I simply couldn't blog about...and I noted I lost the desire to really blog about anything because I really dislike FAKE. LOL Thanks for sharing.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom - thanks!

Lisa - I didn't know you were a reader! I love to read your blog too. I certainly would add you if I go private....and you are right - I don't often realize the impact the blog has on folks.

Thanks for sharing, Jobee.

Becky - glad you are still here. Thanks for your kind words. I'll be in TN - Nashville in November.

::snort:: Kelly - how funny! I'd be leery of a marriage blog being pinned over pinterest too. I also feel like we're true blue friends....we homeschooled together, graduated kids...ah the memories. I'm so proud of your weight loss journey and am seeking to duplicate it. LOL

Jen - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. True about readers....

Kathy - THANKS "passion for Jesus" I'm not sure that comes through when all I have time to jot are the status updates....but thanks.

Tammy - I can't wait to meet you in person - and we will eventually. I know it...and I totally look for the like button when I read blogs too. LOL