Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 9 - Dillon, Mt - to Nampa, ID

White Truck count - 420; Jamin wins is he winning when he isn't on the trip? ::snort:: It is apparent that white trucks are more popular in TX, WY and SD.

We had a slow morning. I fixed french toast and we headed out for ID.

Rena, a friend of the girls, saw that we would be in ID and texted to see if we could meet. We met for lunch off the Interstate. Fun. Can't wait to see photos of little Noah David this fall. I knew him WHEN. ::snort::


Jared drove with me today. He quickly learned that driving with me involves detours....

Great Harvest? I love Great Harvest bakeries....whole grain bread with 5 ingredients (fresh ground grain, water, honey, butter, yeast).


The day looked bright until we were told they were NOT an outlet but....

...and taking photos. ::snort::


Jared enjoyed the scenery in this area more than the heavily wooded areas of SD and MT. He likes the wide open skies and spaces. I love it all. I'm drinking in the green.

I had a bit of trouble staying we had to stop a few times to stretch....and we kept trying to find radio stations to listen to.....did you know there are COUNTRY CHRISTIAN radio stations?

Josiah and Jamin move into their new 2 bdr apartment today. We are spending the day with our college buddies who had planned to take Beatrix.

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Wild Homeschool Family said...

That last photo is beautiful.

Lois said...

Hmmm, Try extreme NE Montana for wide open desolation. Try being a single teacher with no family. Social life was watching the wheat ripen, or going into the one-on-every-corner tavern (for a coke and dancing----blah!) At that time in my life I was tired of everyone knowing my name, what I ate last night, etc. I longed for the anonymity of a city. How times have changed for me, but the landscape sure hasn't. Also, very few radio stations. I took to playing tapes whenever I got in the car.

Traveling with you in spirit.

Debbie said...

Loving all the scenery. I'm with you...I'd be making lots of detours to see as much as I could along the way. I love road trips.

Anonymous said...

Can Jared help drive yet? Mikhail is sure proud of his car. He hopes to be ready to take the driving test soon. He just may make it.

I love all kinds of scenery also. Like lakes and mountains the best tho.

Tell Bowers hello fof us. Anxious to see foto's of themn

l/p Mom T

Darshia said...

This sounds like a trip of refreshment and rejoicing! Keep enjoying! (Please keep blogging too. VBG)

Cynthia said...

I'm so glad the boys are able to room together!