Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Popular Tourist Attraction

The beach?


The bridges?


The Smith River?


The Redwoods?


The biggest tourist attraction in Northern CA this year seems to be the sight of our largeish family walking down to Stout Grove at the State Park.


After MANY carloads pointed, waved and gawked...Jared was moved to comment, "You could probably have a large family too if you married someone of the opposite gender!" ::snort:: Oh my word. It IS funny.

Choosing Joy!
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Deja said...


Anonymous said...

Love the humor. My sides hurt from laughing. Way to go Jared!

l/p G'Ma T.

Amico Dio said...

Good one, Jared!!!

Mom's Place said...

LOL!!! That's an awesome comment!!!!!
We always were pointed at and stared at when taking family trips as well. Never failed, at least 2 of my brothers would start making faces at people!

Lois said...

So funny! But did they hear him???? That comment needs to be appreciated by the people it affects.