Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Bedtime Story that Went Awry

Stacia is full of quips tonight.

She is NOT going to Japan. She's going to a ball instead.

I told her a bedtime story and it ended up making everyone cry. I don't think I have the storytelling knack.

Mike came in to pray...and I don't think that calmed anyone down much.

She has just told us, "my pillow has Arielle on it," as she pulled it out from under Arielle's sleeping head.

We had a great meal with my cousins. My uncle, who I've not seen for about 16 years, surprised us. I must admit, I thought of Aunt Gin a lot today and was sad that she wasn't here. This is the first time I've been with her children since she passed away.

We spent lots of time in the pool, playing chess, practicing for the bullet train on the "evalators" (that is not a's a phonetic spelling of Stacia's pronunciation), eating, packing, checking lists....

This photo is for Deja and Emma. We found a great little shirt at Target in Seattle to go over Arielle's suit and she is last. Bre knows JUST what to buy for us if we need another.....because Bre has one. ::snort:: It matches the swim shorts that she and Krista bought weeks ago.

Jared and Josiah try their hand at raquet ball.

Grandma T teaches Zander how to really splash...

Jamin teaches Stacia how to swim.

She's got the jumping down.

There was opportunity for Zander to try out his new splashing skills.

Grandma T teaches Stacia how to swim...

We're all bracing up for tomorrow's goodbyes and adventures. Thanks for your prayers.

Choosing Joy!
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Windy said...

I'm right there with you all in prayer! I anxiously await your future blog updates--especially how it went on the airplane and bullet train! We have our tickets and have just changed some things around to allow us an overnight in Tokyo. We weren't sure how to get our luggage to Misawa if we took the train, so we will be flying. Perhaps we'll have another opportunity later.
I know it can't be easy saying these many farewells. I am praying that the Lord makes this adventure so facinating to you all that it helps to remove the sting from those goodbyes.
God bless and continue to keep us updated!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Fun pool photos. Praying for you all today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Such wonderful family time....what joys. I've been thinking how much you all have packed into the last few weeks and how most of it probably wouldn't have happened if you had not been moving. There is always joy to be found isn't there.

Still praying and praying some more.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Windy - you can send bags ahead from Narita on "the black cat". The bags are delivered to the base lodging. We are paying $10 - 20 a bag...but we felt it would be worth it not to have to deal with the luggage...and that this would be the cheapest way to experience the train...though NOW with no passports and Mike about to fly out, who knows what I'm doing. ::snort::

Deja said...

So glad that Arielle finally found something that she liked. Emma chuckled when she realized that one of your final blog posts included a picture for us LOL. Tell Bre to buy the next 3 sizes of that top and swim shorts, though ;-)