Saturday, July 11, 2009


Has anyone done the study Sweeter Than Chocolate from Precept? It's written by Pam Gillaspie and has 3 levels of study built into it.

I had purchased it and it was in my suitcase. I'm wondering if anyone has done it and if it is worth replacing before I arrive in Japan. I had planned to use it as a personal summer study.

Has anyone used the How to Study Your Bible for KIDS DVD? Opinions?

I wish I knew how long I was going to be here. I'd hate to miss things in transit. ::snort:: These were TLF (temporary lodging) treats that I'd squirrelled away for use in Misawa.

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Anonymous said...

The Chocolate study has been discussed some on the Precept Leader yahoo group - are you on that one? A good resource. All of the comments I have seen have been very positive. I haven't seen it personally.

I didn't know the Childrens DVD had been released. I will have to get it! I have taught the other kids stuff from Precepts in Sunday School and at home and LOVE them, so I imagine the DVD would be awesome.

We are continuing to pray for you in your adventure to Misawa.

(a quiet one from the SHS list)

kmjrose said...

I am so glad that your clothing problem is solved--haha! I don't think going without will work in Japan, though, especially in the winter.

Paula said...

OK, I haven't read blogs in over a week as my mother was visiting from overseas and we were busy--I wondered how your Japan adventure was going and checked in today; boy was I shocked to discover what you have been going through! I just wanted to let me know my prayers are joining those of your other friends.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Darlene and Paula for your prayers.

I may need to replace those two Precept items, Darlene.

Yeah, the winter could get rough, coudln't it, Karen? ::snort::