Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tuesday's Update

Again - we KNOW this was a dumb, stupid, ridiculous, inane mistake. We understand the need of some to remind us of this, but NO ONE is more aware of the stupidity than Mike and I. Together, we have traveled to over 10 overseas countries. We understand the proper procedure for overseas travels. We were distracted. Our attention slipped as we contemplated hard farewells to 4 adult children and family....and in that moment....neither of us know HOW...we did the unthinkable....we turned our attention from important documents and papers and WHAMO...they're gone. We'll be ever more diligent in the future. I am so very grateful that I receive mercy and find grace for times of need at the throne of grace (Heb 4:16).

That being said, we must continue to move forward to recovery. It's fine for those who feel the need to remind us of how stupid we are, we understand....but we need to focus on what can be done to speed the process so that I can get the family settled again. This has been an unnerving move for all of us. I'm not responding to comments on public forums and would prefer no one send them here to read this either....if you are following public forums and would like to use some of my thoughts or even copy them fine....but THIS is my safe haven where I don't have to be bombarded by those who think we deserve to suffer because of our mistake. ::snort:: Hmmm....I don't mind if you send your friends here....please carefully consider sending those who are raising a ruckus's that? ::snort:: BTW - I agree with their thoughts that this is our fault... and as I said no one is kicking themselves over this more than Mike and I......however, we are overwhelmed by the kindness and grace of some in the midst of the mess up. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Recent changes:

  • Mike will fly out the 14th.
  • Our Alma Mater has offered a home in Eugene for the kids and I to stay in until we can fly out. It's unfurnished, but we are flexible and it will be a grand adventure.
  • Krista had a long sit down with the bank. The robbers continue to try to charge things with her debit card. They are either shopping online or merchants aren't checking closely. This took FOREVER yesterday in the heart of Seattle...but I think she's finally gotten the bank to understand that "frozen" means NO NEW CHARGES PLEASE! They are working the process to recover her college funding.
  • We returned the borrowed van to the E family of Lakewood...thanks so much again.
  • A wonderful Wing Chaplain leaned on housing at McChord and we are in some dorm type rooms for the night. I'm not sure this will be an option as I travel back and forth to work on applications. We shall see....but we are grateful that he was able to convince lodging to look beyond their "regulations".
  • Today we work on more passport details and hope to travel to Eugene. The boys need to leave tomorrow for TX.

BTW I'm quite sure a vacant house will not have wifi; don't be alarmed if updates aren't as regular for a bit of time. I'm quite sure I'll find nearby wifi quickly. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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~ Coram Deo ~
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Anonymous said...

I hope you're beating yourself up too much...we all make mistakes...I know some of mine have been painful! Sending up continued prayers for you all...sending hugs to you as well!

Shelly in TX

Unknown said...

Continued prayers!
Oh grace is such a precious word. May the Lord pour down His grace upon you and the family as you walk through this trial.

Unknown said...
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Debbie said...

You know you have our continued prayers. Is there anything at all we can do? The children keep asking if they can send your children things. The Littles don't understand the whole, you don't have a home thing and think the robbers stole your home! You have blessed our family as we talk about your situation and pray for you.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

How horrible that some have given you a hard time about this. Things happen, you were near the end of a long road trip, probably tired we all make mistakes, everyone. Nobody is even close to perfect. In my case Tristan has 3 upcoming doctors appointments with different doctors in different locations (cast off, eye check, pediatrician) and I got all the dates and times mixed up. I was thankful that I figured it all out before we started going to the wrong places on the wrong days. I only found out when I tried to change one appointment and he wasn't even scheduled there that day. LOL

We'll keep praying for you.

Linda said...

DeEtta, I am SO sorry you are having to deal with people who insist on reminding you of your dumb mistake. We ALL make dumb mistakes and most of us are thoroughly aware of them. Did I tell you that Greg backed our minivan into our conversion van several weeks ago causing $2000 worth of damage? Dumb mistake. I wish I'd done a better job of giving him grace about that incident. :( Thanks for reminding me.

Gilda said...

I am so sorry you are having to deal with less than gracious people at this time. Please know that we are praying for you and for all the details you have in front of you. So glad you have the van back.

Jennifer said...

DeEtta, I'm so sorry ppl feel the need to share harsh words with you during such a stressful time. I'm sure I would have lost the important paperwork somewhere around day two. *lol*

Jen P. from SHS

Margie said...

Gimmie their names!!!

Herd Momma said...

YEAH! Margie and I'll get 'em. Those who have nothing better to do than rag on you don't deserve a minute of your time. They don't know you. They don't know all of what you have been doing. They do not know the kind of person you are. Just bless them in their stupidity and move on.
Love you.

Cynthia said...

We all make mistakes!

Darshia said...

Though the enemy still sling arrows, may you stand in the shelter of the Lord, your Strongtower.

Therese said...


A couple of months ago, our eldest son was out driving on a clay lake and bogged our car.

That night he said to me It sucks being the eldest because everyone learns from my stupid mistake. I said maybe they will but they will make their own stupid mistakes regardless.

We all make stupid mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Please don't beat yourself up too much.

Still praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...


I'm With Marge and HerdMoma... Tell me who is trying to make you feel bad and we three will take care of it!!!!!

Honey, you are precious, righteous, and He cares and loves you to pieces.

God Bless, l/p Mom T