Wednesday, August 05, 2009


WE LOVE Japan. We are finding so many truly ADMIRABLE things to LOVE and RESPECT about the Japanese people. I've NEVER been in a culture where the hosts are more willing to help. I am thrilled with the polite greetings every day. We feel safe here. Theft is nearly non-existent off base, as it brings such dishonor to families. I've heard that some families even disown those who steal. I respect so much about this culture already.

As Americans plopped down in the middle of a totally new foreign country - things will look "strange/different".....just as they do to immigrants in America. Since I tend to find humor in most places, things do make me smile and laugh. I plan to share some of our thoughts and such, but would pray that no one ever take those thoughts as demeaning to our new Japanese friends and country. We love it here.

We have had many discussions about how a Buddhist country seems to operate day to day in a more Christian manner than our Christian country.

My time is up just now for blogging.....but I will be posting...

Toilet Story
Funny Car Models
Stacia's Adjustment

as I can.... maybe a few hours from now at the Weasel's Den. ::Snort::

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Kim said...

Nice to get a morning post! While you were in the US, I'd always check my blog list first thing to see if you had posted. When I checked early this morning, I realized - we are in the same time zone! So, I'll have to be more patient! Gotta go!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah, when I'm in my OWN PLACE with my OWN connections, you'll get your morning posts again...and afternoon and evening. ::snort::

Anonymous said...


:):) Weasel's Den sounds like a nice quiet place to work. :):) Go for it girl and we will all be so glad to read your posts.... all day long. :):):)

Where does Kim live? Is it far from Narita or Tokyo?


Herding Grasshoppers said...


I don't "hear" anything condescending or critical in your descriptions of the differences you see or your adjustment.

Write it all down before you get used to it and forget it's "different" :0)


Unknown said...

The one thing I truly love about being part of the military family is the chance to experience other cultures first-hand. I loved South Korea for the same reason you are loving Japan... The people are incredibly accepting and helpful! I often told Brett that Americans could take a lesson in kindness from our Asian friends! I can't wait to read more about your life there! (And so far, I have read nothing that would indicate anything but humor and respect with your new surroundings!)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks all....I am trying to write it down before it becomes second nature...but don't want anyone to think that we aren't having a blast.

Mom, Kim lives outside of Tokyo.