Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Ate My Whole Meal with Hashis....

SCORE! It wasn't pretty, but I managed to eat my entire meal with hashis...chopsticks.

After WILD yesterday, Mike and I took Rick and Renee (our sponsors) and Melissa (PWOC Pacific President) out to dinner. Rick and Renee recommended this restaurant. It was fun....we sat on tatami (is that the word?) matts.... We cheated just a bit as there was a hole under the table and so our legs could hang down rather than be folded under. ::snort::

Renee has a card that says in Japanese that she is allergic to shellfish....and so we showed them that. The chef told us he would make both of us something special. WOW....veggie tempura, miso soup that was to die for, rice, cucumber sushi (which I much prefer).....Yum.... and I ate the whole thing without having to say, "fo-ku kudasai"! ::snort::

Yeah, I SAID it wasn't pretty....and look how DARK my hair is getting again. ::snort::Photobucket



Renee, I'll google dietary cards...but if you want to email me the name of the website where you ordered that card, I'll have one made for my purse. It was nice to be able to eat without worrying about what I might get. LOL

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Anonymous said...


Fun and :):):)

l/p --- Mom T

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place to eat! Good job with the hashi! Miso soup, tempura, all the great stuff -- oi shi!! Means "good taste" or delicious.

If Melissa's still there, tell her hi for me!! Great job with 23 at WILD!! I had a conference call with Cinky and her team yesterday, and they were so excited to hear of the WILD time y'all had!!

God bless. It's obvious He is, even in what seemed like a storm...

Anonymous said...


What a determined look you have when using 'hashi'. Is that chopsticks?

Also is 'fo-ku kudasai' something like, fork please or.....?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, on both counts, Mom. LOL

We're excited about the results of WILD too....believing now for an Exec board to carry the vision forward.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Good job!