Thursday, August 20, 2009

Misawa Tour, MOSC, PWOC...

Yesterday was really busy. Today may be busy too. I've decided to write ONE really LONG post about the day....

Thursday began bright and early in the conference room of the Misawa Inn. This was FINALLY the day the children and I would enjoy the city tour.

We began at a Buddhist temple, where we learned much about Buddhism. This is also where we nearly started an International Incident because we didn't understand the guide's directions about "proper shoe removal".

See the sticks by the tombs? They have the holy memorial name written on them. This name is given a Buddhist when they die.

Our guide said these cost about $95,000....and that most the big ones are owned by mafia????? We didn't know there WAS a Japanese mafia.


An array of gods

This touched me....I asked what the Winnie was...I'd not seen him as particularly Buddhist before. This is a shrine....and gods for "unborn children". She said for miscarriages...but then added that abortion is legal in Japan and so this is the shrine for many unborn babies. This made me sad....and contemplative.

Family altars
These two are guards for the cemetary, this guy with the open mouth, sucks in evil spirits....
This one, with a closed mouth, refuses to let them out into the cemetary.

We headed to an International Center. Here, we listened to two briefings/lectures on Japanese culture and the area. THIS would have been nice to know earlier in our Japanese adventure. ::snort::

This vending machine struck our fancy...hotdogs and french fries anyone?

We went to a Samurai Museum. I'll post photos of this when we visit again. As with many field trips, this one forced us to move much too fast and we didn't really catch what we were seeing....I have photos but no real understanding of what we were seeing. LOL

However, Jared learned again...DUCK!
Nolan was happy to finally see a rice paper wall.

We ate lunch at the Veedol Plaza.

I've mentioned the photo menus before...but this is GREAT. Plastic replicas of the dishes they serve....fairly realistic in a plastic sort of way. And of course you still don't know if the dumplings are chicken, octopus or squid. ::snort:: Doesn't that meal on the left...noodles and fries look like carb heaven? ::snort::


Jared eats his first Hashi only meal....and did fairly well. LOL



We turned in a request to be extended in TLF until the end of September. ::sigh:: We put yen down on the new home.

I began to realize I need to buy things I already own if I want to get math etc started. Still thinking it through. We'll do a credit of Japanese Culture this year....maybe we'll wait to start TOG until we are in our home.....but we need to begin phonics, math and science or Jared will be behind the 8 ball.

I created a brochure to be passed out at chapel with PWOC board selection procedure, qualifications for leadership and job descriptions listed. Melinda, I thought of you as I fully utilized the new Women's Ministry Manual. Thanks again for allowing your talents to be used in PWOC. What a great new resource the WMM is.

I attened my first MOSC (Misawa Officer's Spouse Club). OK, it's the first time I've attended any OSC in 12 years. ::snort:: I did enjoy myself. I'm trying to wrap my brain around the expensive dues to join...but I'm sure I will. We're simply cheap. ::snort:: Some ladies at our table were the explorer types. They gave me their numbers and names of spots to a place that sells used kimonos for Y500.

It was a full and busy day. The tour was great...but far to rushed. We prefered the Hachinohe tour.

Remember, there is a translation of military speak in the side bar.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Snif...snif...and hugs.
Thank you -
#1 for the photos and stories of my second home. I love seeing someone explore and learn new things then share it with others. Must be a teacher! and a learner!

#2 for the WMM mention. So many people and events went into this re-creation of an antiquated document, and I agree, this one is so user friendly -- and even has readable font!! Glad you approve of our own version of the Geek Squad. I hope you're passing on all the new web features to your local group!

God bless!! You are a blessing to me, too.

Deja said...

Oh friend...I can't imagine living without your things for another month. It's been something like 2 years now that you've been PCSing to Japan, right?! I'm going to pray that you'll be in your new home FAR before the end of September. But when you get there, just think of'll get to do this all over again in 3-4 years!!! ::snort::

whatexackley said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your adventures! I am completely jealous of the fact you have Japanese food any time you want!! Can you pull the schooling materials from an on-line resource instead of purchasing items you already have? Just a thought.

Blessings to you all,

Lis in NY from SHS

Darshia said...


Would the AF Soar At Home web program work to get Jared started on math w/out having to buy duplicate books? We used it for summer school.

Anonymous said...


Sounds like a full day. Sounds like more than a little bit of fun learning and seeing so many things.

The unborn child memorial almost makes me cry. Your tour left me thinking of a lot of things and bet you all revisit the same places.

I'm ok now with your letter stuff cuz I printed out that spot on the sidebar. Will add any letters you use for words as I see them. :):):)

Sounds like you will be getting a brand new home. NICE! Enjoy every step of the way and live in the present. Sounds like tooooo much fun to anticipate when you move in and get to unpack. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing foto's.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Anonymous said...


AND to continue..... The house you will be enting..... does it have like a balcony on the inside with light coming it or what. Can't tell is the space Mike is looking down from is going to be closed or open.

PTL for warm floors in the winter. When feet are warm a person can be warm all over. Besides heat rises. We had floor heat in our first apartment.

love/prayers ---Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Deja, are NOT helping.

Darshia, I've not heard of this program but will google it.

Lis, I was thinking the same thing. I have the Notebook/lapbook that we were doing alongside Apologia....we'll find the info online and in books from the library and do that....I'll find some online worksheets or games for the younger ones to play to review math and phonics, Jared is the tough one.....He's got Japanese and Japanese Culture covered....and we can find books at the library to begin to read.....but I'm not sure what to do other than buy math and science for him.....because he doesn't want to be 6 weeks behind and it's MUCH harder to catch it up at that level of learning.