Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shopping and Relaxing...

Arielle and I went to the "big" Bazar sponsored by the MOSC today. We bought Christmas presents for grandparents and the girls.

Mom, I almost bought you a most unique nativity - until I found it was the "seven gods". ::snort::

After lunch, Arielle and I met up with Windy and Molly (Mollie?) and explored shopping spots in Misawa. We went to a Y100 store, Sundays and Sanwado... I shortened Windy's life by two years on one of the narrow roads...but what's a few years amongst friends? ::snort::

We are looking for the same sorts of items, student's desks, futons, was a fun day. I think it will prove productive too.

My wonderful husband, Michael, spent the day with our three youngest....something they greatly enjoyed. Jared was helping a friend put up a shed. We all got home about the same time. Mike suggested we pick up a chicken and.....go to the BEACH!

Our Beach - 2 miles from "home"


Hard to relax with the waves flinging these things against your ankles. ::snort:: This is ONE jellyfish.


Back at the TLF Michael and the boys played two hours of basketball. They're showered and settling down and I decided to check email and throw some photos up.

Choosing Joy!
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Julie Zesch said...

What a wonderful day. Beach looks fun, however, the jelly fish do look big and ewww they do hurt. De'Etta, thanks so much for the comments on the blog. So glad you get to see your boys.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Do those things sting?

Julie (Grasshopper Julie)

Darshia said...

I'm envious of the beach and the mountain background...beautiful blend of both. The jelly fish looks scary. I remember being stung by a tiny one as a child and it hurt! Be safe. Is there any kind of first aid you need to keep stocked in the car just in case of a sting? I don't remember what if anything was done when I was little. I only remember crying and refusing to go back in the water.

Kim said...

Just wanted to echo the jelly fish warnings!

Romany said...

Love the beach but don't like those jellyfish much. ugh!

If Windy looks shocked by your driving, just remind her of the grey hairs she gave me when she started driving around here, with me in the front passenger seat! Especially around roundabouts! LOL!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes - Jellyfish far we've managed to avoid the tentacles which is the part that I hear sting? True? Anyway - I'll have to see what, if any thing, I can stock in the first aid kit. The beach is simply too lovely to avoid because of jellyfish.....checking to see if we can find a fish in them has become a favorite beach activity. ::snort::

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I don't know if all jelly-fish stings are the same, but for SOME... ordinary, cheap vinegar will neutralize the poison.

Hope you don't need it :0)