Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yesterday's Adventure

We went out to check the progress on our home. They may well be done by today. We pray.

Jared and I were sure that we were near the ocean. We decided to go find it. I'll save the video for when I'm in a house with Fiber Optic connections. It appears that this Verizon line on base simply doesn't allow me to load videos. I'll post it later. Twyla had called and invited us to follow her to shipwreck beach yesterday...but we had the drama workshop. This all spurred us on to explore by our home....because it was a beautiful day!

THIS is what we found about 2km from our home (is that about a mile)? For a minute, I thought we'd found Shipwreck Beach and thought that would be hilarious as we tried to find it and drove for a couple of hours a few weeks ago....but it isn't.




Arielle came home, got out Apologia and researched for us.

Big crashing waves, lots of wonderful sand, shells, jelly fish, picnic areas, squatty potties, camping spots...



Welllllll.....they must mean us to enjoy the beach as there are restrooms, and tent sites on this sign...not sure about the rest of it....but Jared did make out that this is Momoishi beach on one sign. It's handy for him to be working on Kanji and Hiragana. We were able to verify the name of the beach later on another sign. Cool!

LOOK - the first public basketball hoops we've seen...we are so blessed!

People talk about beachcombing and finding glass balls and floats...but we left it....

I cried when I saw this so close to the house. It's a dream. I LOVE the ocean. I'm so blessed that God put us 3/4 to a mile easy walk....AND it has basketball....we are thrilled.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Darshia said...

Oh what a blessing that base housing fell through! I am very happy for all of you, Sis!

Now, just be safe on those steep house stairs.

Linda said...

How awesome that it's almost done AND so close to the beach!

Michelle said...

You truly are blessed! Praying moving in day is soon!

Debbie said...

Gorgeous! How wonderful to be so close. I just love the ocean and that would be a dream for me also. Enjoy, my friend.

Janette said...

I am so happy that things are working their way through. There is a reason for everything- if we trust enough to listen.

Anonymous said...

how cool is that?!

bre g

Anonymous said...


Well, once again we see how God has given you way and above what you expectted. BEAUTIFUL!

I am sitting here thinking of how great it will be to hear the ocean waves when everything is quiet in the mornings and evenings. AWESOME!

Praying and believing your saga of moving will soon be over. You have all showed Christ very well.

love/prayers --- Mom t.

Renee said...

a km is approx .6 of a mile... so 2 km is about 1.2 miles

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It appears I got the mileage wrong and it is more than 2 km to the beach...maybe 2 miles. LOL

Wild Homeschool Family said...

So nice to see all this great news on your blog, the OCEAN, Basketball and your home almost ready! You all are going to have a wonderful few years!

Kim said...

That is so great! An easy bicycle ride - if the road is safe! WOW! I wonder how long it will take for your address to be on Google Maps - maybe you can find an address of something near your development to take a birds eye view of your area!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim - I HAVE a Japanese address. I wanted to get it put on a business's in kanji and hiragana...but it's so long that it won't fit on the card....I'm hoping I can at least scan it in to our computer and print it out when I need to give directions in Japanese.... We're in Oriase town...and I can't remember all the other things....lots of pieces to the address...ends with W700Y.... LOL

Anonymous said...

God is good!

Cynthia said...

Sweet that you're within walking distance to the beach! YEA!