Wednesday, December 09, 2009

GOD GESTATES! I living a God moment tonight or what?

I knew what I wanted to say tomorrow at MOPS. I was having trouble with organization but sort of got it to fit....and made a hand out and typed up my notes....but still wasn't 100% happy with the "format".

The topic I was given is Keeping Christ in Christmas.....and I was thinking in terms of birthdays and preparing for birthdays....but it hit me as we sat down for our Advent Devotions.....

Before every birth comes a pregnancy. God was pregnant...but I like alliteration - God Gestates.

As the family waited for me to begin reading about Rahab, my outline "popped" into place..... when our family waits for a baby....we count down the days, we think of a name for him, we dream of what he'll be like and try to picture his story, we prepare gifts for him, and we celebrate with a birthday party at his arrival (the nurses love this). ::snort:: All the things I planned to share fit those points..... I could hardly wait for devotions and the hunt to be over so I could rewrite my notes and handout.

I came back to retype my reader was on the screen. The laptop had been moved. I glanced down to see "Holy Experience" at the top of my reader and her subject is "4 Ways to Celebrate Christ in Christmas. " I could see the first words...God Gestates. I finished my notes. I read her entry. WOW. Four of the five points are the same, though she says it much better...I'm me and will be me. Though I did find a quote, I'll use. ::snort::

I'm thrilled that God "zinged" my outline.... and I think this "coincidence" has to be confirmation. My outline is no longer awkward...same information but I think it will be easier to follow. I love how God steps in and does things like this to me as I prepare. He knows what it takes to energize me!

Off to remake a handout and make my notes pretty as I scribbled a new thesis and 5 new sub-points on them.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Cynthia said...

YEA! God is GOOD! Maybe it'll be video'd and you can post it on your blog for all of us to hear/see!

d. said...

(Smiling)Is it "coincidence" or divine providence?

Anonymous said...



God is so good. again PTL! love/prayers --- Mom T.

knmkendall said...

That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Could you please email me, I somehow lost your email address and want to send you a cyber Christmas card. Thank you!
Melanie in CA