Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another Food Adventure

I try to pick up something new for the family to taste on each outing to our local stores. I try to choose something I think they'll like. The goal is for them to learn new things can be FUN; not always gross. ::snort::

Yesterday I picked up something that looked like pretzel sticks. I thought they might be sesame. I doubt they were sesame and they weren't pretzels. Sort of a baked short, stick.....a HOT and SWEET taste all at once. They're disappearing, so someone else thinks they're good. The writing is all in Kanji. I can't even provide a Romanji name for them.

This is the other item I picked up. I suppose I was fascinated by Aomori Nebuta and the pig hiney on the front.

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan

Aomori is our prefecture. Nebuta, I couldn't decipher. Choco Crunch sounded promising.

Jared couldn't figure out Nebuta either.

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan

We did find other writing on the side of the package. Buta Hana.

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan

Ah, ha! Pig Snout...suddenly the logo becomes clear. Just as suddenly apprehension grows. I assured all. Surely there will not be a chocolate covered pig snout in the box. Some remembered タコのゆで団子, the octopus dumplings. ::snort::

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan

So cute, surely NOT actual chocolate pig snouts.

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan

A layer of chocolate, with rice mixed in, covered by an artistic layer that looks like a...well...pig snout.

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan

Some tried it right away...the younger two boys had to be manhandled into trying it....but it really was fairly tasty.

From 2010-01-07 Tonomi Clan
I lovingly cajole my reluctant eaters, "Try it, or next time it's the bag of fishies!" Gold fish have a whole new meaning over here. ::snort::

Nebuta - could it mean "the pig" or just another way to spell "pig"? I need to find better translators...the ones I'm finding on line don't seem to translate Romanji to English. Of course there are four alphabets in Japan - Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Romanji. ::snort::

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Paula said...

Well, the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is one of Japan's largest summer festivals...I believe they actually have a smaller version of it in Los Angeles--something I should look into. I don't know where the pig snout treats come in, except for maybe the buta meaning pig...

Paula said...

Here's a wikipedia entry about the festival--it says nebuta refers to a float?

Linda said...

I think Landon would like the hot and sweet sticks. Love the pig face!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

OK That's RIGHT I vaguely remember hearing about an Aomori Nebuta it must be a conincidence that buta means pig. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Linda - send me your address and I'll pick you up some treats. LOL

Kim said... Some more about the nebuta festiva. And maybe a link to Aomori Tourism.

It may be a play on words - ne can also be sleeping. Do the pigs seem to be asleep? Really!!!

Kim said...

By the way, I like how I can see your pics LARGE now if I click on them. It seems the Japanese above the English Nebuta says that even as he (the pig) is sleeping, see the power he has!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim - really? It's a sleeping pig...he does seem lethargic. ::snort::

I learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...

Sis: I think I'd be with the younger 2 in trying new things.... at least until I tasted a lot of things I likes..... Of course I am totally enjoying your adventures in eating.

I do miss "stinky fish" from the PI's. Dad never saw how I could eat those fish. BUT of course I only ate the ones that were open flat. :):):)


Janette said...

I found that lots of children's things in Hong Kong had pigs on them- a fascination?
I love the eating adventures. My kids were young and we tried everything:>)