Friday, January 01, 2010

LIVING in the moment....

Hmmm...if you greet the day at midnight - the day can be incredibly long.

I woke up and put a turkey in the oven.

Everyone else woke up and we decided to go see Lady Liberty. It was REALLY windy and so we didn't look for geocaches or take any leisurely hikes...but it was fun and we made memories. The sky was incredibly clear and blue. This is the "largest Statue of Liberty in Japan." I wonder if there are more? This one is 65 feet tall from the pedestal.

From 2010-01-01 New Year

From 2010-01-01 New Year

There was no ice in the water when we visited last.
From 2010-01-01 New Year

From 2010-01-01 New Year

The big kids are suitably impressed with the roller slide.
From 2010-01-01 New Year

From 2010-01-01 New Year

From 2010-01-01 New Year

We decided we need to wear snow pants for future outings. Brrr.

We stopped at Shimoda Park(Swan Park)on our "way" home. This poor Swan looks miserable to me.
From 2010-01-01 New Year

The ducks were very friendly with the advent of winter. Yes, they did eventually eat from Nolan's hand.
From 2010-01-01 New Year

These guys stopped traffic. ::snort::
From 2010-01-01 New Year

New Year's Day in Japan is a shopping and gift giving day. We gave gifts as well. These cute envelopes are used for giving monetary gifts.
From 2009 - Gifts from Mom
The girls leave tomorrow a.m. Bre on the train and Krista on the plane. Prayers for safe travel are coveted.
From 2010-01-01 New Year

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis & Family:

As the old saying use to go...'good to the last drop'.... so goes the neat saying for your family.....'fun to the last drop' So glad your are all enjoying yourselves so much!!

That roller slide being narrow even makes me think I would like it..... the length is awesome! I am just waiting until sometime when I am at the pool they have their huge round water slide open and my arm will allow it... swhoosh! that is if they allow adults on it. :):):) I find the expression on Stacia's face interesting. She is cute to say the least....... but then so are all your kids...

The ducks crossing the road type thing made me think of deer in Montana etc. Nature is really beautiful. I too, feel sorry for that swan.... to much ice!

Had a good time last night. love/prayers --- Mom T.

Darshia said...

Don't know if the girls are in the air or on the ground, but praying.

Cynthia said...

The 2nd picture of Lady Liberty is at an awesome angle and the sky is incredibly blue! Praying for the girls safe return.