Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tanjobi Omedeto Alexsan & Language Bloopers

Zander has decided that Japanese lessons aren't terrible after all. Akikosan won his heart with Valentine Chocolate.
From 2010-02-11
These are Japanese animated characters. The one on the left is a bread roll filled with adzuki bean paste. He's like superman. The other hero is the piece of bread. The chocolate was good.
From 2010-02-11
Today Zander turns 8! What a very long ways he has come in the last 4 - 5 years. We're proud of him. Akiko is now working on base. We've moved our lessons from afternoon to evening. Mike made it home right before Akiko we saved his Ice Cream Cake (icesu creamo keki - slaughtered that spelling LOL)to share.
From 2010-02-11
She seemed to really like the ice cream cake. Later this evening Jared remarked that we probably should have explained the pig hat so that she doesn't think it's an American tradition.
From 2010-02-11
From 2010-02-11
From 2010-02-11
From 2010-02-11
Today's Japanese language humor is once again brought to you at my expense. I replied, "Watashi WA kokeshi doll" and it should have been "Watashi NO kokeshi doll". I said, "I am a Kokesihi doll," instead of "That's MY Kokeishi doll." Jared and Akiko realized my mistake at the same moment.

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Darshia said...

Happy Birthday, Alexander!
My daughter MJ likes your presents. She turns 8 this month too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Zander! My son, Daniel, just turned 8 in December. December 7th to be exact. He was born on the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor when we were living at Yokota AB near Tokyo. Daniel says he wishes he could meet you. He's getting ready to do a Flat Stanley project and would like to send you a Flat Stanley as part of his schoolwork. I will send it to your mom's email. Enjoy Japan!