Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday

Life has been filled with the things that make up the routine of our life.

Piano lessons, school, local PWOC board meeting, baking, cooking, Regional PWOC calls, emails and such.......and Japanese lessons. This week has been the second half of a base-wide exercise and I'm glad to have it behind us and get back to a "normal" routine.

I'm staring to really concentrate on a workshop I'll be teaching at Faithlift, a conference in Korea. The conference theme is "Bloom Where You're Planted" and I'm to speak on Parenting. I thought I should call it "Bloomin Kids". ::snort:: Praying and thinking and trying to figure out what FEW things God would have me share on parenting....this topic humbles me more than any other. I'd not planned to teach on it until I was done parenting.....just in case. ::snort::

I've noted the Japanese tend to be very reserved. I love it when I can make Akikosan really laugh. I did that today. I asked if I had to pull over every time a patrol car pulled up with their lights on. Evidently not. WHY do they drive down the roads with their lights flashing? SCARES me to DEATH....I'm the only one to pull over. She said I only have to pull over if the siren is blaring too.

I have more to share - but here's a highlight. I baked our 7 grain bread yesterday. We discovered that the Bosch doesn't have enough umph at 50w to knead our dough.

From 2010-02-03
Not to fear, these four have all the umph to knead the dough. It works in Japan too. We made 3 nice size loaves and 7 hamburger buns.
From 2010-02-03

If you want the 7 Grain bread recipe - click recipe under the header.....I'm too tired to go find the link tonight. I'm just that sort of blogger.

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Deja said...

Bread look delish! Glad to hear you can make bread without a Bosch ;-) Believe it or not, Erik is my best kneader...He'll be happy to see the pic of Nolan and Alex kneading.

Renee said...

You will love FaithLift... and the Dragon Hill Lodge is super... be sure to eat in the Mexican restaurant downstairs and let me know if Elvis is still a waiter..... I still have my FaithLift polo shirt....I think you will love Seoul although I'm not sure how much time you'll have to get off-post

Paula said...

I'm glad to see your bread-baking was successful...sometimes strange things happen in foreign countries with bread! One of my family's great un-solved mysteries involved bread-baking in France; my mom would make her bread with American wheat, American yeast, etc., but when it was baking it gave off the strangest smell of vinegar; not unpleasant, just unexpected. It always tasted great, but we never could figure out the vinegar smell...something in the French water???