Friday, March 19, 2010

America? What's up?

We need reform....I'm not sure we need the shenanigans I've been watching online.....I thought this simplifies the path of the health care bill.... I realize I'm over here and not watching American news....maybe I've misunderstood something, but I'm concerned when a bill is passed that the congress hasn't had time to debate and submit.....again....maybe I'm missing the finer points of what is going on.
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Kristine said...

It's an unbelievable amount of political pressure and posturing going on. Incredibly, none of the leadership seem to be actually working in the best interests of this county. (Just so there is no misunderstanding, I am not speaking of just one person, or even one political party.)

Unknown said...

I find myself constantly praying for our country. So many are frustrated and angry that our leaders are not listening to the people!
Laura J.

Cynthia said...

Its a disaster waiting to happen.

Lois said...

That was too funny! We have to laugh because it hurts to cry.