Thursday, September 09, 2010


Wednesday I went to the gym,  worked on Rally details, did some shopping and then we went back to "the Park" and slid a bit more while Jared was at football.....this time Twyla brought PACHINKO the wonder dog. 

Today was MOPS. Always fun to meet new young moms....this year I'm a Mentor Mom and on the steering committee. Our program was on fitness.....great topic.  I also went to the gym, worked on Rally details, went to lunch with a friend, took friend back to the chapel to help me work on Rally details, went on a bike ride with the four youngers, had Japanese lessons and picked up Jared from football.

A bit more about that bike ride. I believe FALL is here. I think that watering our yard during that hot snap in the middle of the day, resulted in the huge thunderstorm on Labor Day and inadvertently changed the tilt of the cosmos breaking the hot snap. We're loving the 80* weather and cool evenings.  We decided to take the bike ride to the farmer's market to buy some lettuce. I had a sneaky plan to buy ice cream cones for them too. In a land where bicyclists are common, I don't know why we received so much attention.....

We were able to ride on farm roads most the way...but I am wondering yet again why there are no BIKE lanes in Japan....but then again our car lanes are VERY narrow with light poles in the lane.....guess we can live dangerously without bike lanes. 

That's it....time to go to bed and wake up energized.  

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Renee said...

In Germany many kids 3-4 yrs old learn to ride 2 wheel bikes.... I don't think they even have tricycles..... .maybe that's what drew their attention or the beautiful young girl on it

Cynthia said...

After our time in Europe last year, I really wish we lived in an area where we could do more biking for everyday things such as to the grocery, library, etc.... we all really enjoy biking... it's just our areas are so wide open with things few and far between... it's just not conducive to biking other than for exercise or fun.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I was just thinking about this this a.m. Cindy. I LOVE living out here in the fields.....but I see that if you are RIGHT in Misawa or in Tokyo you could use the trains, buses or bikes so much more...and I like that.

The thing is up HERE (not sure about Tokyo) there are no bike lanes...we've had 3 American kids hit by cars already this year while riding off base....they don't have to stop at school buses either - we had a kid hit when crossing the street after getting off the base school bus. Different traffic laws...different dangers?

Anyway - I love living in the farm lands....but I would like to be able to use the subways in Tokyo. LOL