Friday, October 22, 2010

Magnificent Collection

Shortly after our arrival in Japan we enjoyed a walk on Momoishi Beach. Beachcombing is a new adventure for our family.  I soon possessed quite a collection of beach trash. My 4 year old brought me a beautiful piece of “something.”  Its smooth, almost transparent blue-green shine caught my eye. On closer inspection, I realized this treasure was yet another piece of trash.  I couldn’t resist; I slipped it into my pocket as I let other pieces of twine, shell, and broken sand dollar fall to the sand. Sea glass is most often found in the midst of debris.

I later learned Stacia had given me my very first piece of sea glass. Sea glass is trash thrown into the ocean, broken and common. Over time, through the pounding of waves, the trash is transformed. It gains a new shape, is polished, washes back on shore and is searched for, found, and saved by eager collectors. Some pieces are thin, some are a bit rough, some still bear the faint imprint of their original use, some shine and some are cloudy. Transformed trash becomes jewelry, key chains, charms… objects of delight to the Collector, all reflecting the colors of the sea.

Simple sea glass speaks to me. I’ve found Satan is pleased to remind me of my insecurities and failures.  God lovingly reminds me where I once saw myself as trash, He sees me as part of a magnificent collection – His church.  The world may find little value in me, but the Master Collector seeks me, chooses me, and lovingly delights in me.

Waves of trials and intimacy with Him transform me into something of value and worth, a piece of His magnificent collection.  I’ve noted Christian women come in as great a variety as sea glass: some smooth and shiny, some a bit rough and bearing the imprint of the past. As you shine, wherever He has given you influence, may you see the varied collection He delights in and joy in our differences. May you rest in the fact you’ve been lovingly collected by the Collector.

My prayer for Asia Region is we realize anew that while “God doesn’t make trash,” He is certainly in the business of transforming what the world calls useless into objects of beauty, value and delight….His daughters. Will we partner with Him even as that transformation is sometimes messy? Will we love Him wholeheartedly and love others deeply (Mark 12:30-31)? May you rest today in the knowledge that the Master Collector is pleased to have you in His magnificent collection.  He finds value, usefulness and delight in you.

This first posted on the Protestant Women of the Chapel, International blog and on the Misawa PWOC Blog.  I'm reposting here as this is the blog that will eventually be printed for a family record. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Tracy M shared these thoughts today which are excellent. 9-4-2013 Sea glass out of the water isn't as beautiful as sea glass in the water. Out of the water we see scratches and there is no reflection. In the water the scratches are covered and the glass reflects the light. WE arelike sea glass. The water is the Holy Spirit. When we separate ourselves from Him, our imperfections show and we do not reflect Christ. But when we allow ourselves to be bathed in His presence, the HS fills in or covers over our imperfections and we reflect the love of Christ to all. We are attractive to those seeking treasure!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of the beach glass..I love stuff like that...found items...
I'm so glad the Collector "collected" me...Thank You Jesus!

Unknown said...

LOVE the idea that you'll use it in jewelry... will have to remember that! (altho we don't get to the sea so often!) Glad you're well. You made it! :)

Anonymous said...

Sis: I find Sea Glass to be so beautiful. Also, thanks for your words to go along with the sea glass. love you, and praying for you all. Mom t.