Thursday, October 07, 2010

Zoology gone Awry

Things are FINE, I've been busy since Sunday.

I've led two Bible studies, attended a board meeting and a lunch, had 3 Skypes with regional board members, taken Jared to 3 appointments, schooled, worked on the Workshop for the PWOCI Conference, ordered 9 weeks of school books, attended chapel, ran Jared to base to create worship slide show for Sunday, gone to the gym four times, washed about 83 loads of laundry, cooked numerous meals, taken numerous walks,  finished a Japanese lesson,  ordered some goodies for the aforementioned conference.....just busy.

This a.m. Zander and Stacia BEGGED for my camera. They needed to take photos of the DUCKS on the fence behind our home.  I let them do this as I hung laundry out.   This is the photo Zander took of the  DUCK.

I figure they scared the duck off...or maybe Zander got distracted. It happens. ::snort::  Regardless, I'm pretty sure he knows this is not  a duck?

Choosing Joy!
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Kristine said...

Too funny! It is such a lovely duck . . .

Darshia said...

Zander took a beautiful photograph! I'm surprised he got so close w/out it flying away.