Sunday, December 12, 2010

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I've previously shared on the blog my thoughts about "home". As we decorated our Christmas Tree (yes, the elliptical was spared), I was glad we had all these photo ornaments from past Christmas' to bring our older ones home.  The tree is decorated solely with photos of the nine children and a few special ornaments from places we've lived. Unfortunately, the tree photos are blurry. I'll take some more tomorrow. 

Happy to see the Christmas books and movies again!

We followed our decorating spree with our traditional debut showing of The Muppet's Christmas Carol. It wouldn't be Christmas without the movie. ::snort:: 

Michael has decided we'll start having weekly "G Family Staff Meetings." Tonight was the first. I showed one of the Gospel for Asia video clips. I shared the two jobs that I'd like to see become a priority around here. We coordinated calendars.  Then......we had ice cream.

Mike will end the night by hiding the "Christmas Pickle"  in our tree - a German tradition (or so we were told, though there is controversy about this on the Internet. Surprised? ::snort:: ). Do your families do this? Last names in old Germany tell your family's occupation. Mike's family - the G's - were pickle makers. Many German families have a tradition of hiding a pickle ornament and the child who finds it in the tree on Christmas Morn is said to be blessed for the upcoming year and receives a  prize. Sort of like the Afikomen at Passover. I've seen sites that say this is a myth, sites that say it was a custom started by German Americans, and sites still claiming it is an "old German tradition". I can say without a doubt it is a G Family Tradition. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: nice photo's and we do remember most of them... We have the picture of the last time we 5 T's were in the Philippines for Christmas. We put it out in a visible place each Christmas. Need to get one now of our entire family (22) the next time we are all together. Maybe there will be more thru marriage, birth or whatever by then. :):):)

Anonymous said...

We have many Christmas photos, although we haven't used them for ornaments. Our numbers have grown to almost 30 so getting everyone together rarely happens. One of our most precious pictures is of my Mom and Dad (in their late 80's) skyping with our son who lives in Florida. His family couldn't be here with all the rest of us, so we were joined through technology.

May the richest of blessing be bestowed upon you and yours in this Christmas season. I know you are glad to be home.

Wilma in WV