Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

New Year's Eve and the boys weren't home....but we knew they were on the way. 

We prayed  God would provide someone who understood English and would take the time to explain the train system to them. We knew this is THE big travel week in Japan. 

The boys called to say they were getting on the train and would be arriving in Hachinohe in a few hours. We headed out to meet them. When the flight was cancelled two other guys joined up with them. All were to be on the flight to Misawa. One is new to the Air Base and the other is a contractor who knows his way around Japan. He speaks fine English and Japanese as well. ::snort:: Not only that but they traveled together to Tokyo station and on to Hachinohe. God answered better than I thought to pray. 

We got home and fed our young men who hadn't eaten in 48 hours.  Then we visited and waited to ring in the New Years.  Stacia asked if we could have ice cream to celebrate Josiah and Jamin being home. THEN she asked if we could open our Christmas Stockings. We agreed. 

Mom - he loves these and began working on them immediately. 

Some of us had a hard time staying awake until mid-night. 

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Anonymous said...

HI: :):):) Love the sleeping foto's. How content is Stacia!! well...also Josiah and Jamin.

Thanking God for the answer to your prayer for help getting them thru the maze of Toyko... God seems to always do more than we ask for.......... we love that.

We were out till way after mid-night last night. Dad and Luther set off some of Dad's remaining stuff from the Philippines. Dad just uses a bit each year. Wonder who will last longer the stock or us. :):):):):) pretty bunch still left. :):):) I slept until 1PM today and how good that felt. :):)

Nadia is in heaven being with Brian/Cathlen Coontz this weekend. She totally enjoyes/loves being with them.... the younger set you know. :):):)

Thinking about you and family a lot and love you tons. Dad/Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Glad Nadia is getting to spend some time out with Brian and Kathleen.

Funny to imagine Luther and Dad with the fireworks from Philippines. I bet Nate had a fun night. LOL