Saturday, January 22, 2011

Star Wars Saturday

I started the day with James. The family woke up slowly.  Zander and Stacia were invited to a birthday party. Stacia was the only 5 yo girl with a group of 10ish I thought it wise to stay. Mike took the other kids shopping for MY BIRTHDAY! WOOT! 

I enjoyed the party and the visit that went along with staying. I'm always amazed at those of you who pull of theme parties with tons of isn't in my make up. We always have family parties...though Zander is now asking about a friend party....hmmmm. It was a Star War theme party. 

Death Star Cake

For a craft the kids made droids....out of trash...loved this idea. 

Stacia's droid had a purple hat, beads and sea glass buttons. ::snort:: 

Foam taekwondo  sticks served as light sabers....and there unplanned wars as well as games using them. Pop the bubbles with the light saver.....Snacks were even themed.....yoda soda, battle star (?) pizza, light saber hot dogs....Stacia wants to know why the chips were so good - Doritos - guess she liked them better than the baked ones. ::snort:: 

In our discussion we realized that Mary may be taking the train Wed morning - and so am I. They said NOT to go to Tokyo station but to exit at Ueno and get the subway to Hiroo.  Less train transfers....I think this may work. 

Zander came home and went to bed. I have a bad feeling about this.....last week I missed church because Stacia was sick. I can't pin point what is up with Zander...but sleeping, feeling cold....not quite "on". 

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

We too rarely do friend parties and theme parties are not my gift either.

Anonymous said...

love Stacia's idea of a droid. ::):):) I always found B-Day parties hard as my imagination fell short of all the theme stuff. Sis, maybe that is where you got this way. :):):):)

Anonymous said...

We had a few parties with our children, but usually it was just extended family. We had an olympic party for one of our sons that I loved doing. We were able to find inexpensive ribbon "awards" for each event and as a token gift, we put 50 cent coins in holders and then attached a red, white and blue ribbon to make a hanging medal. The events consisted of all kinds of races. We all enjoyed it so much and didn't have to spend much money.

One of our sons has six children, so they have a party on the even years for each child. They have little money, but are very creative with ideas. Their oldest plans many of the parties and has even done some outside of the family for spending money.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Wilma in WV

Steph @ Wild Crickets said...

That looks like an awesome party! We've had a few parties on the years that I could swing going somewhere (aka someone else doing the dirty work) but we mostly have small immediate family type of parties. I did make a spaceship cake one year. It was my crowning glory.... and it's never happened again. lol