Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Misawa Damage

While in Tokyo, I had heard the tsunami did not reach Misawa. That is not accurate. It did reach Misawa - in fact there is significant damage less than a mile and a half  from our home  - it just didn't reach Misawa AIR BASE.  Come to think of it, we live in Oirase and Misawa Port is right up the road so maybe it is in Oirase too. In any event this is much closer to home than I first imagined. Probably good I didn't realize how close until I got home. 

This is the Misawa port before the Quake and Tsunami.

These boats are quite a ways from the water

Teams from Misawa AB have been going out daily to help with clean up around here and other towns up and down the coast. 

Yep, there was significant damage in Misawa.  This is  less than 3 or 4 miles from our home.  (As I've not been able to drive around and snap photos, I have borrowed shots from the Internet for our family album). 

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