Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring/Winter - Sprinter Walk

Mini-me begged to bake brownies (below) and go for a walk today. It seems she gets cabin fever. ::snort:: No one else wanted to walk, but the snow had melted so we set out.

First off we noticed we are the only family which chose to stay in our two block subdivision. We did find a few children in the subdivision over and will see if more show up on the weekend.

These guys were really happy to see us. I forgot treats and they kept getting into my pockets in a search for carrots or apples. 

Stacia enjoyed "fishing" in the pond. I enjoyed sitting on a stump and soaking in the peace. Nature has a way of centering me.  It was incredibly peaceful and quiet here today. We'll be back here. (Local folks, yes, I know it says KEEP OUT, but the farmer has told us we can fish in the pond). 

Signs of springs! This was really encouraging after the snow which greeted us this a.m. 

Jared went to base for soccer "practice" - they aren't allowed to have formal practice but the kids can get together and practice on their own and maybe they'll still be able to play a game or two this season. 

Michael is at work. 

I have worked on some PWOC tidbits.  I've also started to try to figure out what to do about my house. Everything which was on shelves is stacked around the floorboards...not sure how much longer this should real big aftershocks today....maybe it is time to put things back up. 

Choosing Joy!
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