Sunday, June 12, 2011


Michael left today for a 3 week TDY (temporary duty). He will go to South Carolina for a seminar on Marriage counseling and such. He'll travel to FL and see an old friend and his wife, the best man at our wedding.  He'll also try to catch up with some friends from Goodfellow AFB who are now down in the area.   He'll top it off by attending our denomination's National Convention.

Meanwhile, back at home, we'll do school, continue some weekly ministry projects, welcome Bre, and I'll go to Korea for Asia Region's leadership training seminar.  It will be a busy few weeks....but we're all excited about it.....

Except.....I discovered Stacia thought a 3 week TDY would be the same as an 8 month deployment.  I calmed her emotions last night and promised her we'd make a Daddy Countdown this morning.

The time for the promised project arrived.

Me: "Stacia, should we make a chain or get out the Daddy candy jar to count down until Dad is home?"

Stacia: "I suspect we better make a chain. Everyone sneaks the candy." ::snort::

She cracked me up. In the end we decided on two chains.....a pink one to count down Bre's arrival and a multi-colored one to count down Michael's homecoming.

Note Zander's shirt in the above's one of Arielle's creations....creates a big A on it (A for Alexander).

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Linda said...

"I suspect..."? That cracks me up!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She's a hoot...I suspect she was right. LOL