Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plastic Charades or Kingdom Intimacy

We are women who seek passionate intimacy with God and each other. We desire authenticity in relationships.  We embrace PWOCI’s vision, to “be women who foster an atmosphere of intimacy, simplicity and legacy. "

We seek REAL ministry in PWOC; we hate playing games. I’ve celebrated the Trophies of God’s Grace in Asia! Unfortunately, I’ve also seen some embrace plastic charades rather than reality.   

 “If you knew who I was, you wouldn’t want me in PWOC?”

 “Oh, you’re a sinner too!”    

Many have told me, “You’re the only one I’ve told this to.” 

 Why do we feel we must be perfect to be accepted? Why do we reject a sister based on pre- cross mistakes or her current struggles?

Sadly, some are uncomfortable with the reality of the woman sitting next to them.  Women carry needless shame, feeling they must hide who they were pre-cross.  Some are devastated by rejection as they attempt to find intimacy with “good” Christian women.  Many slowly wither praying for someone who will truly know them and still care enough to be a mentor.  This is NOT the gospel.

Do we BELIEVE the gospel?  Are we merely paying lip service to the gospel?  ALL have sinned (Rm 3:23). The wages of that sin is death…BUT the FREE gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus (Rm 6:23). There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rm 8:23).

Mentoring begins as new Christians find mature Christians to assist them on the journey from muck to life. Consider the possibilities in the following examples. You were a drug dealer 10 years ago; I’m recently saved and struggle with cravings for drugs.  You struggled with infidelity- your marriage is now vital; I just heard of my husband’s infidelity. You walked the pain of infertility; I was just told I’d never have a child. You survived child abuse and are victorious and whole; I need to know HOW you got to that point. You struggled with sexuality pre-cross; I believe God (and Christians) could never accept me because of my past sexuality.  Legacy comes as we courageously cast off the plastic charade and share our lives openly and honestly with one another. 

 Is it uncomfortable when women are authentic? It CAN be. Is it risky for all? YES. 

I beg God to make us women who truly BELIEVE and embrace the gospel, rather than perfecting plastic charades. Are we serious about His kingdom coming in our midst?

We must be prepared to accept broken and wounded women as Jesus did, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, and sin no more.” (Jn 8:11).

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