Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Said No

Life always gets a bit hectic when Michael is gone. I pick up some of his commitments (teaching Sunday School class),  the kids are home alone (which makes it harder for me to be out and about as I feel much better about them having Daddy time than I do about them being alone), I don't sleep as well......

I knew going into this week, it would be a crazy one. I have something every night of the week on the calendar AND the girls and I are leaving for a 4 day trip at 0 dark thirty on Thursday. Regional Conference Prep pace has picked up. Many new things have begun (school year, Bible Studies, ministries, Sunday School). Hair cuts, doctor appointments.... I should have known I couldn't keep this pace with Michael gone....but I'm nothing if not valiant (and a bit dense).

I've been determined to blog more - this meant saying no to hourly FB updates. ::snort::

I'm determined to keep a steady pace in school  - this means saying NO to hourly email checks.

I'm determined to keep a balance of relationship and  service...this meant saying YES to onsen....and restructuring my FB time.  ::snort::

Last night I was up until 12:30 a.m. answering emails that collected all day.

This a.m. we headed in to the base for Bible Study (20 min drive), as we neared the base I realized I'd left my ID at home. This added 40 min to the a.m. and made  us  late. Thank GOD for lovely women who realized I hadn't shown up when I would normally show up and set up my study (it was GORGEOUS) as well as the homeschool room (Arielle runs it).  Later I forgot to pick up my thyroid meds. I began to suspect it was time to say no to tonight's outing and stay home.

The thing is I LOVE our monthly book club. This month's book was quirky, silly, and yet had some profound thoughts in it and I looked forward to sharing with all. {The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow}

I scrolled through status updates and caught one titled, "I said no." I thought - "Yeah, maybe I should read this, I probably should stay home." I read the linked article. Good thoughts. I decided I really wanted to go and would go anyway.

 As I continued to debate tonight's activity a friend who is moving called. We are adopting her fish. We need to get them tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow already has 3 appointments and 2 trips to base....as I went about figuring out how to add getting fish to the schedule....I clearly remembered, "I SAID NO."  I could say YES tonight (something I dearly wanted to be able to do) but it would add craziness to tomorrow.

I SAID NO! It was downright liberating! muhahahaha  I know it's a small thing, but it was big for ME to say no to a women's activity...afterall I love my PWOC Peeps. I'm also a bit of an extrovert and am recharged by spending time with these ladies...but I knew early this a.m. I should say no...and I'm thankful the Holy Spirit stayed with me until I followed through.

The truth is saying no at appropriate times allows me to say yes to more of my 5% activities.

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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