Sunday, September 18, 2011

Youth Mission Trip

Misawa's PYOC/Cross Training (Protestant Youth Group) took another trip to Miyako. Their mission was to take 1000 kilos of rice down to the area, and to play with kids - displaying the love of Jesus in action to an area stricken by the earthquake/tsunami. 

They ran into an unexpected delay on the way down. Evidently the rice got the better of the tire. LOL

The kids amused themselves while waiting.  (Nolan in green, Arielle in tie dye and Jared in the brown.)

Unloading rice in Miyako.

At the school the kids played ball.....

...worked on crafts...

...told a Bible Story, Lance speaks Japanese.....
Miss Kim to the right is the kid's youth leader and is really getting them involved in some great things. 

and loved on kids.  (Jared has a new friend)

We wondered, as we were shaking so often here in Misawa, if they would be feeling them even more as they were "in the zone."  The kids report that they didn't feel them at all. LOL 

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Linda said...


Renee said...

pic of Jared with child on his back reminds me of a pic I took at an orphanage in Seoul

Unknown said...

You actually would not have been to late to join up when you posted the comment on my blog, because you had until Sunday Evening just before midnight Pacific Time. But by the time I saw the comment it was too late.

However, you CAN still join, but just wouldn't be in the drawing for the prize!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I love this photo of Jared.

@Vicky - I knew it was too late to sign up - I didn't read it in the reader until it was too late. LOL BUT I may sign up just to do it - I really don't need another exercise video...the motivation could be fun. LOL