Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tonight was the first night of MOCA. MOCA is a new outreach of PWOC (are you keeping up with the military speak? If not, click military buz above for translations. )

MOCA stands for Moms of College Aged - as in kids (we allow moms of Seniors - Moms of 98 yo).   Over the summer I began to realize mom's with children stateside is a demographic which we were missing.  We got chaplain approval. Ruth, a great friend who happens to be the PWOC Prayer Coordinator, agreed to help get it off the ground.

SWEET FELLOWSHIP tonight. Seven of us sharing our children, our hearts with each a safe environment. All agreed to commit to pray daily for each other's children and for our hearts as we are so far apart.  Several have seniors this year and I know the transition will be  much easier with a group of praying sisters who understand surrounding them.  Really....this is a whole new stage of parenting and it's a joy to offer each other support.

We agreed we want to meet monthly. We're trying to pick a good night. We don't want to conflict with any other chapel this point there is PWOC on Monday night, Book Club and PMOC on Tuesday, AWANA on Wed,  and Friday has PWOC Crafty Gals every other month and Date Night really....all those "once a month" things will add up if we aren't careful. We'll find a appears either Thursday or Friday.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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