Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blow the Lid Off the Box

 “Faithful, abundant and True,” has been a timely study in Misawa.  

I read as Priscilla shared we file our knowledge and experiences with God into a box. The box is filled based on study, church traditions, history with God - it is o.k. to have a God box.  It is arrogant to put a lid on the box and assume God cannot and will not ever act in a way not contained in our box. I’ve watched God move in unexpected ways in Asia region.  The following quote echoes what I hear God speak to me in our trysts through the word, meditation, and the sweet confirmation of the Holy Spirit revealing His word and character.

“Our God is predictable in His character, but He is unpredictable in His activity. You cannot box God in. When you put your lid on a box, it doesn’t limit God; it limits your awareness of God. He’s still moving and speaking, yet you can be unaware of His transcendence, His greatness, and His ability because it’s outside your little box.” Page 94, Faithful, Abundant, True.

When God chooses to act in an unexpected and unpredictable way, I am forced to make a choice. Will I retreat to my comfort zone? Will I become disillusioned with God? Will I doubt His existence because He is not meeting my expectations?  Will I see His activity as an invitation to move out of the box?  Will I accept His loving invitation to know Him deeper? Will I allow myself to discover new aspects of His character? Will I confidently dance with him in a vulnerable place where my knowledge of His character is the only thing of which I’m sure? Will I allow Jesus, rather than my box, to be my fixed point of reference (Heb 12:1-2)?

I’ve watched God move.  Local conferences were interrupted with tsunamis. Local boards suddenly scattered. Many groups saw over 70% of their women depart, many haven’t returned as of yet. Leadership selection teams were disrupted. PCS schedules were changed. Regional Conference location changed.  Struggling leadership teams report full selected boards!  Petty conflicts have died in the face of true crisis. Bridges for the gospel of Jesus are being laid! The body of Christ is pulling together on behalf of an unchurched nation. I see our prayer for intimacy with God and each other being answered. I see small cultural shifts as we pray for revival in the nation of Japan.

Let’s allow God to blow the lid off our boxes. I want to be fully aware of God’s activity. Don’t you? You can trust His character. I see a new desire to dance with God outside of the box.  Will you join the dance?

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Choosing Joy!
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