Friday, February 10, 2012

Missionaries, Projects and Skype

Friday, several of us loaded our cars with supplies and went to meet a missionary family in a town south of us.  It was a joy to be a blessing and it was a joy to see the blessing of God on their ministry. They've recently finished building a BEAUTIFUL church  and mission house.  They had *70*  people attend their Christmas service. Amazing.  I enjoyed seeing the new area, meeting a new family and visiting with Tara along the way. ::grin:: 
Little bldg in our rice winter

I've hit on a new project. PCS season on a military base is amazing. Massive groups of people are moving. They cannot take many food and cleaning items with them. As we have a large family, we often are blessed with the bits and pieces...and it IS fun to try new things etc. As I visited with our new friends I asked if they would be o.k. accepting things that are still good but have been opened and can't be packed. They would love it.....and so an idea is born. I'm going to see if there are other missionary families "near by" - have a lead or two...and during PCS season I will let folks know they can drop their leftovers with me and I'll be sure they get to a missionary family. This will provide the family a touch of home as well as help to stretch dollars in the midst of the yen/dollar dive.  It will also provide those leaving the excuse NOT to eat up or use up every bit in their pantry or incur guilt. LOL  I'm excited to see where this idea goes. 

I rounded out the day Skyping with Lauren..... This had become a normal part of life when we were both serving on Asia Region's board - 2009-2011. Lauren is an admin extraordinaire and a techie pro. I learned a lot from watching her projects for a couple of years. She amazes me. It was fun to spend time catching up this afternoon. 

Tonight - a party for Zander!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! And great to see Lauren on your blog! Love Skype and its (free) contributions to ministry and relationships!!