Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Shipwreck Trip of the Season!

Michael has brought up the idea of a trip to Shipwreck several times since the weather turned nice...but he wasn't really up to it. Today Stacia, Zander, Michael and I made the trip. The older ones were sleeping off the affects of the PYOC Lock in (stories to follow, I hope). 

We were surprised to find snow on the ground - but the weather was gorgeous, Mutsu Bay was calm, and the sky was clear. Did I say the WEATHER WAS GORGEOUS - so excited SPRING SEEMS TO BE HERE! 

Yuuki spent the whole time trying to break away from the leash. We really weren't sure when she'd come back if we let her off. She is incredibly curious and had to investigate each smell.  

Stacia is a diligent sea glass hunter

Found this and thought the girls may like it for their Coca Cola Kitchen....and if they don't....I know where to put it back. LOL 

We had been beach combing two years before we fully realized THESE stones weren't just "stones" and started collecting agates.

 And here's the sea glass catch of the day. Stacia is SURE she found them all....herself. LOL

It was a lovely day in every way. I was sad to miss a PWOC outing I had planned...but this was needed. Yuuki slept the whole way home. She made friends at the Lawson's on the way out.  Everyone is in bed already...I'd be there too except I need to go pick up Jared in an hour.

Well - one sad thing of the day - we came home and our neighbor's were gone - moved into the Inn. I can't imagine pulling a move off with a two week notice...but they are champs. We'll miss them and their three daughters. 

Choosing Joy!
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Roy Zesch said...

Mike looks much better in that pic. The smile didn't take as much effort. Continued healing to his body.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Zeschs. Yes, he is feeling much better...more tired than pained. This is good. We continue to believe for complete healing - we see it in process.

Anonymous said...

I think of G'Ma Simmons everytime I see all the neat things you are collecting along the rock line. :):):) So good to see that Mike is able to get out to enjoy a bit. Lots of folks asking all the time and lots are praying for his complete healing and getting back to strength etc.

Oh my, that Coke crate has a different size and charm to it. Bet the girls will totally love it.

your pictures show such calm and beauty. love the dog just being the hunter she is...... love/prayers - Mom T/