Saturday, April 28, 2012

Misawa Fishing Harbor

Michael is preaching tomorrow. He's been really tired and not had the stamina he is used to having. He needed to spend today finishing for tomorrow. 

Jared had his first Saturday off in we packed a lunch, grabbed Yuuki and got in the car to search for adventure while Michael studied. 

Our first stop of the day was the Misawa Fishing Harbor. You can click here for an earlier post which showed the damage done to this area.  The kids are standing on a road that was a giant chasm after the earthquake. There were piles of debris and parts of ships all over in this area last year at this time. Directly behind the kids is the entrance to the only swimming spot where Americans are supposed to swim in North of Hachinohe. It was closed last year, but I think they may have it ready to open by July. 

 The restrooms look like they are near ready....and there were construction workers all over.

Remember these bulbs.....

 This is on the pier looking back at the harbor. The building to the left of the tower in the center was full of water after the tsunami. It looked so peaceful today.

There were signs from the past here and there as we beach combed today...........

This monument should be standing up in the braces on the pedestal.

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