Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring "Break"?

  • Josiah is the newest personal banker in Texas! Way to go God and Josiah! 
  • TnT Mark 10:17 - 31 Do I crave, love or value anything more than Jesus? If so, I'm no different from the young ruler in this story. Jesus wants me to follow Him with an undivided heart. 
  • C'mon e-100 folks 2 days in proverbs is not enough! ::snort:: Loving the sweeping Bible survey I'm doing with some amazing gals on Tuesday mornings. 
  • We are MOTIVATED to get school done. The older four will be coming over mid-May and we want to be done.  Convalescent leave has been good for school - all outside appointments cancelled and the need to stay close by. ::grin::
  • We aren't taking a spring break just yet....and the kids are really motivated to get done and get out to enjoy this lovely spring weather....check out the shrinking snow fortress. 

  • After the walk yesterday, Michael has been down most of today....slow progress is good. 
  • Nolan accompanied me to the base. We went shopping and "ran by the post office". 

  • Jared finished his AAFES training today. He aced one test - scored 90% on the other - and says he may never eat meat again. I like that training. ::snort::
  • In the boxes were Sundrops...I splurged to buy 6 bags....but I thought they were personal size....and I seem to have ordered from both vitacost and Amazon. ::snort:: Zander is HAPPY! He did great avoiding all the Easter candy. 

  • The rest of Choosing Joy 2006 arrived...overall "happy"....we'll do 4 a year from now on. LOL 

  • Exhausted tonight...early a.m. and busy all day with school, cooking, cleaning and shopping. I'm done. Good night. 

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

Congrats to Josiah. Always great to see schoolwork coming along. Praying for Mike's continued recovery. Sounds like he may only return to work part-time at first

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well - doc said she can't do "half time" you either are ON or OFF - but he is on profile through May for PT, travel etc.

I suspect the chapel is gracious enough that if full days are too much he'll cut out - of course typical full day has been 10 - 12 cutting down to 8 would be good. LOL And at this point I'm guessing you may be right...but who knows what 4 more days of recovery will do.

Anonymous said...

MIKE/SIS: What can we say! Our hearts are so full. We are so proud of everyone in your family. We are so happy for the improvement Mike has made. We are excited you will all be able to be together for Jared in May. :(:( but really :):):):):). PTL for the link folks in different countries can have with all this modern stuff. Wonder if we could have gotten G'Ma Simmons to use a computer, skype and cell phones if we would have had this the years we were in Liberia and the Philippines. :):):):):):):) I rather think that would have been something to behold. :):) love/prayers - mom t.

Deja said...

I dunno...there's lots to be excited about in this post. But I'm with Alex. Sundrops ROCK!

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that they "know" you at the post office?;P lol
Bre G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Bre - yep they KNOW us at the post office and yes....Deja the sun drops were the big excitement.