Monday, May 07, 2012

Sickies, Galatians and Sumo

  • "Girls" arrive for a visit in 4 days! 
  • TnT  - Gal 5. 1,6,13...we are made for FREEDOM....not to use for selfish desires but to show faith WORKING through's not all about us. We are to turn around and pay it forward...serve through love (not obligation). 
  • TnT - Gal 5.16-26 Want to walk in the spirit? Seem hard to picture? Sit with the Holy Spirit, be transformed and empowered by the Holy Spirit and you WILL produce fruit. It's the way of the kingdom. Walking in the spirit? How about start by walking in love, walking in joy, walking in peace, walking in patience, walking in kindness, walking in goodness,walking in faithfulness, walking in gentleness and walking in self-control. 
  • TnT - Gal 6 - Examine your own work (parenting, ministry, wifedom) WILL reap what you've sown. Don't give up in doing good. Don't lose heart. The time of harvest is up to God. You be a faithful sower. 
  • Stacia insists she's better. Zander says he has a sore throat.  Jared has a sore throat. 
  • Lots of people searching for "stuff french toast recipes" and "healthy oreo recipes"  are finding the blog. It appeals to my sense of humor that they are led to Oreo Bombs....actually cracks me up to search for "healthy" and "oreo" in the same search. I'm easily amused. 
  • "Trying to get this house cleaned so we can start having people over again, I'm not giving up on THAT!" ::snort:: Stacia as she zips around here making us crazy with her cleaning spree. 
  • Table school x2
  • Worked on some ministry projects. 
  • Zander and Stacia are sure I'm punishing them not to allow them outside. 
  • Watched a "local" sumo tournament "live streamed" with the kids. A whole lot of show for a few seconds of activity...but fascinating for some reason. 
  • Tonight is I took Mackenzie (neighbor), Arielle and Nolan to Human video and on to youth group. Jared and the youngers stayed home with Michael. 
  • Enjoyed a nice visit with a sister-chaplain's wife....just don't get enough time to visit. 
  • Still haven't got a great handle on the demonic and the pigs or the phrase about forgiving....but that's o.k.  I'm calling it a day. 
Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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