Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Family Time in Colorado Springs

Today we packed out of Comfort Suites. Before we left we took time for one last rite of passage for Jared. He is truly adult now.....ye old transference of the passport. 

We headed to Colorado Springs. A lot of family came over today for lunch and an afternoon to visit. It's beautiful out here on Earl Jr's property....nice spot to land.  

Mom G is holding up well. She mentioned several times today looking to see where Earl was or if Earl was ready to go and then remembering....I can barely imagine. Please continue to pray for her in this season. 

It was HERE that I realized Michael has an older brother that will "slap him around" and "take him to count"....Earl had heard through the grapevine of Michael's cardiac adventures. They would really like us to stay here as one of the number one cardiac hospitals in the country is in Denver. Michael seems determined to get back to OR with the girls and van before having any procedures.  Still waiting for doc in Misawa to put in referral so we can snatch an appointment. Still waiting for paperwork so Michael CAN stay and isn't AWOL.  Above photo is Michael with Earl Jr and Michael the elder.

I've not done well grabbing photos. Above is Crystal and her 3 yo Lily. Lily is freaked out by blood  - note the curling toe. Lily and Stacia have decided they are best friends. 

Jenny and her fiance John, were here too. Fun to talk with Jenny and see some of her wedding preparations. There are times I think it would be quite nice to live near family. ::grin:: 

We'll spend a couple of nights here with Earl Jr and Mary and then begin our trip back to the west coast. It's been fun to reconnect and fun for the cousins to spend some time together. It's been a rare pleasure. They've played cards, had water fights, run in the pastures, played games and are finishing the night with Mafia.

You can see the profile of Mary (Sister in law) to the left and the back of Jenny (Niece) center in this photo. Yep - must try to grab some more photos. 

Jerome (nephew) seems to be enjoying Mafia

One story of the night's mafia adventures involves Staica. It seems she was the mafia. She was doing a great job holding them off and no one guessed it was her. The tide began to turn. She'd killed Jared. As they questioned her she said, "But I love all of you! I love Jared. I wouldn't kill him. Don't make me pull out the puppy dog eyes." ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

NOW! this all sounds like it has been so wonderful. For you and your family to be with their Geocker folks. Also so glad Mary is able to be there to be part of it all. Love/prayers will continue on that Earl prayed for everyone.....So wonderful. looking forward to you all being this way again. love/prayers - mom t.