Thursday, August 02, 2012


Another amazing beach prayer walk with Yuuki.

I put in a few hours catching up on Regional business today.

I helped kids with summer school.

I spent 3 hours on dinner..... For Michael and I...need to go buy MORE produce that salad is sad, sad, sad....and a variety of fruit.

The kids had spaghetti meatballs and the same veggie and fruit options.  Michael ATE a pepper....after several recipes mentioning "soggy" stuffed peppers.....didn't use much sauce...turns out my man likes not a total hit - but he ATE one.....better than the last beans and rice...which brings me to my next point...I must find some vegan main dish options, we both like, besides a zillion varieties of beans and rice...and this isn't soup weather either. LOL

I liked the stuffing - though it would SING with a bit of cheese, don't you think? As it is - I'll put a bit in a tortilla....I'll figure it out. The marinade for the asparagus was good.

Look at this - a cool breather!!!!!!
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Renee said...

I posted links to a few recipes on your FB page. They are ones I"ve made and my family enjoys

Deja said...

Somewhere along the line I missed the vegan diet change...I'm guessing it's b/c of health issues? Try quinoa. It's a grain that's also a complete protein. Rinse it before you cook it. I usually cook it in ck broth, but that's not very vegan ;-) Serve it with a ton of grilled veggies and yum-oh. It's also good served cold mixed in salad. If M needs to feel like he's chewing meat, you could try making seitan. Out of wheat gluten. Make Sue Greggs Tamale Pie with beans and veggies.

Laura said...

Hey De'Etta... Ginger had a vegan recipe blog for awhile. She has a lot of terrific recipes posted there that I think you would love. Worth checking out.

And these aren't necessarily vegan, but I think they could spark some ideas for you.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Renee....I'll go check them out. It would be much easier if this was SOUP WEATHER.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I didn't know Quinoa was a complete grain. I'm gonna try. The beans and rice feel "heavy" after eating veggies and fruit for a few days....but I'm trying to be very sure there is enough protein in the mix.

Vegan for a season...then we'll see. I've never heard of seitan.....and I'll look up Sue's Tamale Pie - M loved his mom's Tamale pie.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the links, Laura. I've been clicking around Ginger's site...I've marked several to try.

Anonymous said...

Deetta- we do a lot of quinoa- the taste grows on you- it's actually a seed instead of a grain so easier to digest and fits for Abby's grain free diet- I cook with chicken broth as well and use in place of rice, but also makes great cold salad with veggies and light dressing- good luck:)